A Checklist Before Sending Your Computer for Repair

In today’s world, almost every adult has a desktop computers. The device is no longer the possession of computer techies and other professionals in the computing world. Many of us use emails every day, carry out online research, download songs and also use internet for social networking. You can therefore to do hundred and one things online. Because of the workload handled by these devices, they are prone to breakdown sometimes. Such moments push someone to seek computer repairs services.

When some problem develops, it is only advisable to seek technical assistance for repairs and troubleshooting. In many occasion, most of us forget to remove sensitive information when taking our notebooks for troubleshooting.

Most of us tend to accumulate a lot of data and information in our devices over a period of time. In most cases, we are careless and do not take security measures even for sensitive information which can have detrimental consequences if it gets to the wrong hands.

Here is some of the critical check off to-do list before seeking computer repairs service.

• Make sure you have transferred all the sensitive information such as files that may have your bank accounts passwords, your CVV or credit card numbers or other details that can be used to hack into your bank account or any other unlawful access to escrow accounts.

• Ensure that any files that contain your social security details, credit and debit card numbers are removed.

• Ensure that there are no traces of access details to your emails or your social networks. Such files must be removed.

• Make sure you clear your browsing history as well as cookies just in case you had stored passwords. Verify this by checking through a “show saved passwords” option under setting.

• Remove all files that contain private photos, family photos or transfer them to a portable hard disk or save them in the cloud.

• Make sure you have backed up critical data to a secure location to avoid the risk of losing the data due to deletion or getting lost inadvertently. This should be done on a regular basis not when seeking computer repairs services. The hard disk can get corrupted any moment and it is important to be ready for any eventuality.

Everyone who uses a notebook should be aware of the information saved in the device. You must be cautious and responsible and make sure no sensitive information or data gets into the wrong hands. Follow the above check list every time you’re seeking service from Melbourne computer repairs.

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