History of Subic Bay: What You Need to Know

Did you know that Olongapo City, one of the famous places in the Asia because of its beaches and amenities was well-guarded and far from the tourists place that we’ve known today? Take a look at its rich history.

Spanish Government

In 1884, King Alfonso II of Spain declared Subic Bay as their navy settlement. It’s fine natural harbour and water depths made the city as their official base. The Spaniards almost spent three decades to develop the station. They had shops and buildings and even made walls to fence off their arsenal. However, when the construction was nearly finished, the U.S. Navy bombarded the place, which made the Americans the new ruler of the island.

American Government

It was during the 20th century when the Americans take control in the area. They decided to keep and improve the base, and use as their own naval facility. With this, many people came to live on the island. Farmers and fishermen decided to leave their boats and farm to grab the opportunities offered by the Navy.


In December 7, 1959, Olongapo was turned over to the Philippines. In an Executive Order issued by late President Carlos P. Romulo, the place was changed into a municipality. It was after 32 years when Subic was returned. This is because the Senate of the Philippines rejected the Treaty Agreement of the country and America.


The area’s first settlers are called the Aetas or Negritos. They are the indigenous people of the Philippines and have been farming and fishing in the country for centuries. Until today, you can still see Negritos living in the place. Some of them will even teach you about their culture and how they prepared food in their own way. You can also learn some survival skills from them like making fire, building a shelter and catching fish using spears.

To learn more about the History of Subic Bay, visit our website.

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress Shop

It’s not every day that you get to wear a wedding dress. Indeed, it is a once in a lifetime moment you must cherish and enjoy. When you look for a wedding dress shop, the first thing to consider is the collection of gowns. This helps you figure out the signature style of the in-house designers. Here are other factors to consider when choosing a shop for bridal gowns:


It’s normal for girls to be excited when it comes to their gowns, but take note that the design shouldn’t be the sole factor. Choose a wedding dress shop that offers unique and eco-friendly materials. Some girls aren’t used to Swarovski crystals on their skin that’s why it is important that you choose the materials being used by a shop.


How are the designs like? Do they do more of a traditional, Victorian-like wedding dress? Match the dress with the theme of the wedding, so everything looks perfect. Unusual designs are also good if you’re more of an adventurous woman. Colours and the length matter too because they affect the overall impact of the gown.

Level of comfort

Comfort should always be the priority because you will wear this piece of clothing all day long. You don’t want to look awkward in the photos just because the gown feels so heavy. Although there are series of alterations to be expected, it’s better to judge the dress the first time you try it on. The fabric, colour, ensemble and all the details must be comfortable on your skin.


The prices of each collection depend on the materials and the labour cost. Big-time designers charge more than $5,000, but you can find affordable ones at the prestige wedding dress shop, Emerald Bridal. When you choose for your gown, there are appropriate and ready-made ones for flower girls and maid of honour. Visit their website today to see the full collection.

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Advantages of Leasing Virtual Offices

A virtual office can make starting an enterprise easier. Aside from thinking of how to grow your business, you still need to think about the daily operations. You can be entangled in issues regarding mortgages, leases, and rental contracts for your office. You should also process various permits, legal documents, and other business requirements and all these can consume most of your time.

By renting any of these modern-day virtual offices, you can have a professional-grade venue complete with the following services:

  • A dedicated local telephone number – Despite the emergence of the internet, any business must still get a telephone number. This can help establish the reputation and trustworthiness of your business to your customers.
  • A professional live receptionist – Answering phone calls can be bothersome for start-ups. Most virtual offices hire a professional live receptionist who can take over this chore for you.
  • A corporate mailing address – Most banks and other financial institutions only offer loans and other services to businesses with an established mailing address. For start-ups, this can be a problem, especially if you’ve just built your enterprise in your garage. By renting a virtual office, you can have a complete mailing address exclusive for commercial use.
  • Specialised company facsimile number – Aside from a phone line, most businesses still prefer to use fax machines over emails to transfer documents. By leasing one of the best virtual offices in your place, you can have a dedicated facsimile number for your business.
  • Voice mailboxes – To attend to the calls of your customers beyond office hours, you need a voice mailbox that can record the voice messages of your customers.
  • High-speed internet connection – By renting this modern workplace, you can connect to a fast internet service as soon as possible.

As you can see, virtual offices have a complete suite of amenities and services that even trumps ordinary offices. By renting one of them, you can start your company at once with less hassle. What’s more, if you need to hold a business meeting you can have a professional site that can attract more clients.

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Important Criteria in Hiring a Mortgage Broker

If you are looking for the best mortgage brokers, there are certain pieces of information that you need to learn first. This article will give you details about those important pieces of data that will help you decide which broker you can work with in the future.

First, you have to make sure that you understand the purpose of having a mortgage broker whenever you buy a house. Understanding is an important tool that can help you make better decisions about your finances as well as the properties that you buy.

In addition to this, it is important that you contact only the reliable ones. Reliability is another important characteristic that you should look for. If your broker is reliable, you will be able to expect fast results when it comes to finding the best available properties within the country.

You should look for brokers that are near you. If you can find brokers that live near your area, it would be easy for you to communicate with them and meet with them directly if necessary. Furthermore, you will have flexibility as to the scheduling because you can give them your availability.

Lastly, you should also find a professional that will be able to give you great service at an affordable rate. If you think that you cannot afford the broker’s rate right off the bat, it would be easy for you to find a replacement right away. There are many available brokers in Australia that will be able to give you what you want without spending too much money.

Once you do find the perfect mortgage broker that can help you acquire your dream home, it is now easier for you to go ahead with the payment. You just have to know where to look. Whether you search for them on the Internet or in the city itself, Australian professionals will surely be able to help you out right away.

Calculate your budget here!

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What to Look When Planning a Party Cruise?

Are you planning a bucks party cruise? If so, it best to come prepared for the expenses and activities that are about to take place. We advise you to consider the following before choosing a service provider:


Of course, you would never want to be left with a broken bank account after your bucks party cruise. Choosing the cruise that can give you quality experience at the right price is a must. What you can do is to source around packages being offered by different cruise ship companies. Do not get deceived with just the “tag price” alone—you still need to check the package inclusions.

Affordability is not just about the money you will spend but it is also about the quality of experience you will get. Choosing the package that can give the best justice to your money is what you can consider the most affordable.


Your plan is not to stay just inside the ship but to explore places as well. Sightseeing from the deck of the ship can allow you to view nice buildings, architectural creations, and other things that can best seal your experience and vacation. You can ask your cruise ship companies for their routes, and choose which among them can best offer breathtaking and incredible views.


What is a cruise without good food? You can never enjoy a trip completely without good and sumptuous food. Choose the cruise ship that does not focus just on the entertainment and performance, but on the food they serve as well.


Choose the company with great people— from their phone operators to their customer service people, waitresses, usherettes, performers etc. Dealing and conversing with good people is a factor you should consider. Start with their frontliners and see whether they can attend to all your queries with satisfaction.

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Why Switch To Fibreglass Swimming Pools

As a homeowner, our priorities are straight: having enough facilities for comfort and daily needs. Swimming pools don’t fall into the two categories but if you have an extra budget, you can get one to enjoy outdoor.

In case you’re considering the thought, might as well research on fibreglass pools. This is the newest technology that lets you enjoy the following perks:

Cheaper installation

Unlike the conventional swimming pools, fibreglass material is way cheaper and easy to install. If you’re going to canvass for its price, you’ll notice that companies charge around $1,500 to $2,000. Why? Because it can be completed for a week or two. You’re only paying for half the price compared to the concrete pool.

Stunning surface

We all want to exceed curb appeal of the house. That’s why we need to improve the landscape and maintain the trees or flowers. But having a pool creates a luxurious effect on the house itself. So, if you want to impress your guests this summer, invite them to your house and take them to your pool.

Minimal maintenance

You can’t always change the water once a week as utility bills will rise. But then again, you need to maintain the water as it can cause severe disease that affects the overall health of the family. With fibreglass pools, you can be at ease because the gel coating prevents bacteria build-up.

Keep water warm

Obviously, you can’t dip into the pool during winter. But when it’s spring, you can easily indulge in the water thanks to the fibreglass technology. Kids can surely enjoy and not catch colds when they tried to join you in the fun.

For an outstanding quality finish, contact a fibreglass pool builder. They offer personalised service at a competitive price so you have the freedom to build the pool you want, whether for residential or commercial use. Visit their website to find out more.

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Why You Need a Responsive Web Design

Every online business owner probably know the importance of having an effective web design. With newer technology constantly being introduced, people keep on changing their online viewing habits. For example, the smart phone is now widely used as a form to communicate, to browse, and to shop. If you are the type of person who is not open to fast changes, then you’d be left behind and your online business will suffer. Thus, in order for you to conform or stand out in this new trend of technology, look for a website designer who will make a responsive web design for your online business.

By having a responsive website design, traffic will flow and you will have an increased volume of orders. Why? This is because online shoppers can like your website page or share your site videos anywhere they are. As a result, more and more people will visit your page even while they are on the go. This  is only possible if you have a responsive web design.

A responsive website design adjusts accordingly to the screen size. It results to an easy navigation and a faster loading time. This makes your website visitors happy and if they are happy, there is no reason for them to look to other websites. They can even recommend your site to their friends and family. This online behaviour is made possible if you have a responsive online site.

It is more convenient to maintain a responsive website design. You don’t have to use other media form to view your page. Your customer can view your products and services conveniently without having to go to your physical store if you have one.

Do not be left behind by technology. Changes are happening fast and if you want to be a part of that, then shift to a responsive web design like Oley Media Group. They will help you to stand out from the crowd and give your business a winning edge. They have a team of experts offers creative designs with technical skill and a comprehensive understanding of the power of branding. Click here to visit their website and get more information.

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Advantages of Leasing Serviced Offices

Most start-up entrepreneurs have the problem of operating traditional offices. Instead of focusing on improving their products or services, they are bothered by other concerns such as buying furniture. Thanks to the existence of serviced office Sydney, they no longer have to undergo the same problems.

Here are the benefits of renting this innovative office type:

Flexible lease agreements – Many office renters are on a lookout for short-term lease agreements. Operators of service offices lease out their units on a rolling basis. This means you only pay at every month-end for the space and facilities you use. While the rent can be more expensive than the ordinary office spaces, the ability and freedom to opt-out of the leasing contract and your access to high-end facilities are more beneficial to your business.

Use of pay-as-you-use facilities – In ordinary offices, you need to purchase furniture and other facilities to make it functional and presentable to your clients. In renting serviced offices, this is not your problem as the operators have already supplied them to you. All you need to do is to pay for using them.

Capacity to test new markets – Investing in physical office space make your business scope and reach limited. By renting services offices, you can have the ability to transact business with your clients in new territories. You are not required to stay in a specific area for a long period. Just make sure the cities you want to expand in has also business spaces with this kind of services and amenities.

No downtime as you move in – With the presence of high-quality equipment and furniture, you no longer need to set up your business space to kick-start your operations. The services you need to keep your company operations moving is already in place and functional. You just need to be present in the place you are leasing.

Access to top-grade equipment and trained personnel – In addition to high-end furniture and jaw-dropping office environment, serviced offices often have trained staff who are ready to take your orders at once. This can also save you from the hassles of employing full-time workforce.

Maintenance cost is minimal – In operating traditional offices, you need to shoulder the maintenance cost of space and equipment. You no longer need to hire full-time cleaners and technicians to keep your company operational.

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Make Your Home Pest-Free with These Tips

Pest cannot only cause annoyance but it can also bring diseases as well. Luckily, we can prevent them from coming into our property. Here’s how:

Keep Your House Clean

Having pests in your house can be prevented if you have a clean home. That’s why it is important to vacuum regularly and make sure that there are no food crumbs on your kitchen floor. Moreover, get rid of all your old newspaper and magazines. Or else, cockroach and termites can use it as their breeding ground.

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is the process of trimming sections of a tree. This is used when the trick is sick and there’s a need to shorten their trunks and limbs. If your tree is sick and it is not performed, chances are, the branches may decay and died that can attract insects and bugs. That’ why when you noticed that the tree leaves, as well as their branches, are falling even without the storm, then you need to call the experts immediately. The best is tree lopping Logan.

Install Screen Doors

The best way to enjoy the air without opening your door is to have a screen door. Just choose a screen with fine mesh to not be attacked by insects. This can also be installed in your windows and patio.

Throw Your Waste Everyday

Garbage attract pests. So, if you won’t throw your waste every day, expect these invaders to come into your house. However, if the waste collector doesn’t come every day, just use the food scraps as fertiliser. This way, you can avoid having a pungent smell.

Call Pest Control Company

The most effective method to prevent having insects in your home is to call a pest control company. Not only you will save money in terms of preventing damage but you also ensure that they can safely get rid of pests in your home.

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Lower Your Utility Bills with These Tips

Cut corners on your utility bills by following these tips:

Promote Better Airflow

If you want to cool down your home during summer, but you want to limit the use of air conditioner, then open your windows and door. This way, the oxygen will flow into your house. Moreover, doing this can also improve your indoor air quality. However, if you are worried about the pests, you can prevent them from entering by installing screen doors and windows.

Natural Light

Allow the natural light to enter into your home as it cannot only mood boosts your mood, increase productivity but it can also help you cut cost on your electricity. Some ways to do this is by arranging your furniture and by opening your windows.

Fix leaks

According to National Sanitation Foundation, a leaky faucet can waste 100-2000 of water per year. So, if you are trying to cut cost, make it a point to find and fix all your leaks. Moreover, doing this can also help you limit the moisture in your house that can ruin your structure, and develop moulds that bring diseases.

Use Fluorescent Instead of Incandescent Bulb

Fluorescent Bulb is much more energy efficient and last longer than an incandescent bulb. In fact, according to EnergyStar.gov, you will save up to 70% of energy when you use fluorescent lights. It can also 25 times longer. Although it may cost you in the installation, opting to this will save you more money in the long run.

Change Your Landscape Design

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is overlooking their landscape. This is important as not only the trees and shrubs act as a shade for your home, but it can also release oxygen too making your home cooler. So, to save more on your bills, take the time to fix the design of your yard. You can also ask the help of landscaping Northern Suburbs Adelaide.

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