Best Organic Herbal Tea for Weight Loss

I think most of us are aware that organic herbal tea is good for us. There’s nothing like a nice hot cup of tea for warming your soul, soothing your throat and warming you up in the winter. There are some teas however that have been keeping their native drinkers thin for a thousand years!

Green Tea, specifically Japanese Matcha has been credited with giving the Japanese long life since the era of the Samurai and is a regular staple of the Japanese diet. There are several reasons why Green Tea is scientifically proven to help you lose weight.

It’s high in antioxidants which are nutrients that the common 1st world standard diet lack these days. Antioxidants are the nutrients that we require to boost our immune systems to assist us in the battle against disease, for combating UV radiation and for fighting a number of life threatening diseases. The best antioxidants help you look younger, feel younger and lose weight. If you have a high level of antioxidants in your system your body will start to shed toxins that force your body to hold onto extra fat.

There are a lot of different kinds of antioxidants and they’re all good for you, but some are better than others and Matcha Organic Herbal Tea is loaded with Catechin which is the most powerful and health inducing antioxidants there is. Catechin is known for its cancer fighting abilities.

One major reason for persistent weight gain is due to too much Cortisol in the bloodstream. This is the human stress hormone and when the body feels that its stressed it won’t release and infact will want to hold onto more fat as a protection measure. If you’re stressed then the body thinks there might be a famine and it needs to make sure you survive. Matcha Organic Herbal Tea calms you down as a natural relaxant. Zen Buddhist monks use and have used this tea for several centuries as a way to meditate while still remaining keenly alert to their surroundings. You’re able to remain calm, without being tired.

Matcha Organic Herbal Tea is also known for its ability to boost your memory and concentration. As previously discussed Zen monks have been using the tea to remain calm for a long time, but a major side effect of the compound L-Theanine which is in green tea is that it produces more dopamine and serotonin which are both pleasure producing hormones in the human body. When you’re happy you’re able to concentrate and have much better memory than when you’re not.