Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Stains on carpets are not only a bad look but can also be smelly and present a challenge when it comes to removal. A perfect example of this is a gasoline stain. When you spill gasoline on a carpet, you not only have to deal with the spilt liquid but also the smell. The best way to remove the excess liquid from your carpet is to blot it off. After drying as much as possible, pour baking soda on the spot and let it sit for a few minutes. Baking soda absorbs odors as well as liquids so it will help dry the carpet and remove the smell at the same time. Vacuum it away after a number of hours, or even overnight. If the smell isn’t gone yet, put more baking soda and let it sit longer.

Parents with young children occasionally come across unusual stains that make carpet cleaning tedious chore. Stains made by markers for instance do not come out using traditional cleaning methods. . While these stains are not very common in most homes, those with children who are just learning how to write are familiar with these stains. Hairspray is your best bet for removing ink stains. The alcohol based spray should be directed onto the stain. This should then saturate for a few minutes then blotted up. Rubbing will cause the stain to spread to other fibers. Spray and blot as many times as necessary for the stain to be completely removed.

Another common question asked with regard to carpet cleaning is how to clean a milk stain. Milk stains usually “come back”  a few days after cleaning. This occurs when the carpet becomes saturated in the liquid and leaks to the bottom of the rug. After you clean and dry the top, the liquid that had settled at the bottom slowly finds its way back up and a new stain is created where the previous one had been. Carpets are very hard to completely dry but it is possible to keep them from staining in the first place. When dealing with milk stains, blot both the top and bottom of the carpet and blot as much as possible. Sanitize the area where the milk poured and use a clean white absorbent cloth to blot the area once again. Do this until dry. Or you may contact commercial carpet cleaning Adelaide.

If you have metal chairs, protect the legs and your carpets from rust while carpet cleaning using steam   by placing plastic bags over them. Always remember to remove any visible stains or marks from your carpet as soon as they occur to keep it looking good as new for as long as possible. Carpet cleaning  does not have to be a loathed chore.