Importance Of EWP Training

EWP or Elevated work platform is a hinged device, telescoping device or an articulated device or a combination of the above devices, which has a boom length of 11 meters or more. It is using to carry equipment, material and workers on top of the building to perform high altitude work. EWP training from Gold Coast is mandatory for people who want to work as a EWP operator.


On completion of this training, you will get a Statement of Attainment, which is under the supervision of Australian Qualifications Framework. The training and certificate you receive are going be recognised nationally.

Upon completing this course successfully, you will receive the necessary logbook training, and you will be eligible to get a High-Risk Work (HRW) License. You will also get an OSSA and a CSA certificate, which is going to be valid for 3 years.

Eligibility requirement

● One should be not less than 18 years old.
● One can easily understand, read and write the English language.
● The person is required to have at least a Year 10 level of skills regarding literacy, numeracy, and communication.
● The person should bring along with him required photo identity documents.
● He should come in proper work clothes like safety boots and long pants.

Need for EWP training course

Due to the extensive use of elevated working platform equipment in various construction sites, they have become one of the most used equipment in this industry. However, there are many dangers involved with their use. Some of these dangers include falling from the EWP, encountering live wires or falling and meeting the structure, which may result in injury to the workers.


Some of the objectives of EWP training course are as follows:
● Understanding the standards and legislations, which relate to the EWP
● How to properly work on an elevated platform
● Understanding the Type of platforms that are in use
● Checking the load limitation and learning how to compute the same
● Recognizing, controlling and evaluating various dangers
● Learning the Rescue Operation in case of any hazard
● The responsibility of workers and employers while working on an elevated platform
● What are the protective equipment workers should take with them?

EWP training is not only important because it has made mandatory by law but also because it helps to keep the workers safe when they are working on any such platform. This training is crucial for electricians, construction workers, plumbers, and inspectors.

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Phases Needed Before Acquiring an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) License

In construction projects, heavy machineries will always be involved and needed because these things makes the life and tasks of every worker easier and faster. But these machineries are very complicated and difficult to operate that is why only those professional operators who are excellent have the right to operate such.

Operating an elevating work platform (EWP) requires the following phases in order for you to operate the machine properly and not endanger your life and the lives of others.


• Education. If you have plans of getting into the EWP field of expertise, there is a need for you to be educated on what are the important information and details that are attached to it. These things will be your foundation on how you are going to operate this heavy and complicated machinery in order to avoid problems while operating it. Education means that you will have to undergo a lot of learning about what are those specific buttons and instructions on the machine and how to properly follow and use it.

• Training. In this phase, you will now begin with putting what you have learned into action, but of course, with the guidance and assistance of a professional operator who is the one teaching you. All of the education that you have undergone will be very vital in this phase because this will be a sort of test whether you have learned something. And will also identify the instructor on what are the specific aspects that you need to improve in order to operate this heavy machinery properly and better.

• Skills. After all of the education and training that you’ve been through and successfully accomplished, you are now able to acquire the skills that are needed in operating this machine. Skills that will allow you to know and make sure that the safety of you, the machine, and the people who are around the area kept high which means that possible injuries and accidents will be reduced.

• Experience. If you are successful with the previous phases, the training center will let you look for a company where you will have your On-the-Job training which will allow you to have a glimpse of reality. You will be in a place where you will see how professional EWP operators do their job and there will also be a chance that you will operate one while you are being guided through the ways in the real world.

• License. Accomplishing all of those phases will entitle you with the EWP license that is a primary requirement for the job because this will be your evidence that you have completed everything.

There is no doubt that when operating heavy machineries such as an elevating work platform (EWP), there are requirements that you have to meet before you will be granted the right to operate such. EWP license is needed if you want to operate such heavy machinery because this is a written proof that you have undergone a series of education, training, skills assessments, and experience.

EWP licence training in Brisbane is needed. Enrol now!

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The Career Of A Gas Fitter Can Be Rewarding

A gas fitter who has received adequate training can find employment in the field of construction, manufacturing and the industry of utilities. Economic conditions and seasonal changes do play the role with the prospects of employment but generally they can be expected employed for in excess of 40 hours a day and even required to work extra hours. A gas fitter with plenty of experience can even advance his career to supervisory positions or even decide to have their own business in this field.

A gas fitter must be prepared to work both indoors and outdoors and handle physically demanding tasks. They are susceptible to injuries that are common when working with power tools and gases of the exposure type and therefore they must have undergone the safety training that is required.



The type of jobs in gas fitter is expected to attend is diverse and can range from small tasks like responding to complaints about a gas leak and even provide assistance during the investigation of fires and explosions. Therefore it is essential that a gas fitter is prepared to cope with tasks of all types. Training to manage jobs like these will certainly be provided by reputed agencies but ultimately it is the gas fitter who has to show the willingness to get involved in jobs of the dangers kind.

A gas fitter must be able to work with little or no supervision along with the skills needed to diagnose problems of any kind. There must be courteous when dealing with customers and also have the manual strength to deal with certain items, which can weigh in excess of 25kg. The ability to manage mechanical, electrical and electronic devices is also a requirement.

People who are considering a career as a gas fitter will need to undergo training program before they can begin to reflect on the rewards which they would have access to. There is a need to understand that this is not a job which can be managed by every individual. People who do not have the required training should always be looking forward to getting the information they need about this subject if they intend to make an entry into the business or even progress their career to higher levels.

The rewards a gas fitter can look forward to are in the highest category. However, they would be required to work hard and even provide extra time for their profession. People who are prepared to consider this job with the attention it deserves can certainly find a successful career for themselves.

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Dogman Ticket Explained

Have you tried applying as a dogman and yet you are denied because of lack of credentials? I bet you are told to get a dogman ticket first. You see, in this competitive world, you should not just take part of the war without equipping yourself or you will really be defeated. It is just a waste of time thinking that your minimal credentials will be accepted or you will just rely in luck. That is not how a game is played these days. Luck might still work but it should be combined with efforts. And besides, it is not just for the good of the company that dogman training is required as in fact, this is more for you so that you will not be involved in any accident knowing you will be in a dangerous environment. Well, to play safe, the training is both for their workers and for their business actually.

Here are the things that you can expect in a dogman training:



– First of all, those will be accepted in course like these are those 18 years old and above. You can be either an existing dogman or a job seeker. So, if you are told by the company to get a dogman training first and you are already 18 years old and above and you are fit to do strenuous activities, you should apply for this. Yes, your health condition will matter as being a dogman requires you to do heavy tasks. Just make sure that you can at least read and write in English a well as understand it as you will not be eligible for this training if you are not.

– The training will averagely run for 5 days though if after 5 days you are still lacking I a number of aspects, you will not be awarded with the certificate as you can only get that if you have passed all aspects of the training. So, basically you have to go on training until you are qualified. No additional payment will be incurred though.

– When you are done with the training, you can expect that you will be an effective assistant of a crane operator since this is the bottom line of getting the dogman ticket. You will then be able to assist the crane operator effectively in the sense that you can understand and will be able to provide the needed signals on the job site, you will be able to determine what type of equipment must be used for a particular load, you will also be able to determine the amount of load that must be good enough for a trip so that accidents will not happen and lastly you will be well aware of the different slinging techniques which is quite important in your line of work.

Yes, these are the reasons why you need to get to dogman ticket or you get to undergo dogman training Brisbane. There are a number of businesses that provide this training thus you should easily get into one.

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Advantages of Hiring Crane Services

Huge construction projects are absolutely never attainable without utilizing cranes, especially if the project deals with lifting, loading and unloading bulky and weighty objects. The features and capabilities of cranes have made the duties in construction projects simpler. If you have plans in managing a project, then you could consider hiring crane services as this is known to be the most cost efficient option. Here are some of the benefits which you could attain when you hire crane services for your upcoming or current project.

• Various cranes for various usages – cranes are accessible in various kinds which are specially designed for particular duties. If you hire reputable crane services, then the company would definitely offer you the appropriate and suitable kind of cranes for your project necessities. If you need to work on tight spaces, then they could offer a special kind of crane that is specifically designed to do duties in small areas.



• Professional and crane licensed operators – when you choose to hire a reputable and reliable crane service company, you never have to worry with regards to searching for an operator for the reason that the crane service company would exclusively provide you their own crane operator. With their own operators, you could be sure that they have undergone proper training and have experienced lots of operations including how to handle cranes in distinct areas. Their operators also have crane licenses which serve as a proof that they are really professionals and were properly trained. Through allowing their operators to manage the cranes, you could as well ensure that safety is highly acknowledged.

• Lesser workforce – long time ago, more workforce were highly needed in order to finish a work which basically needs several days. With cranes, you could surely save more expenses in hiring more workers since you only need some. This is because cranes could perform multi-tasking which makes your project more efficient and could possibly finish prior to the deadline.

• No maintenance needed – large and heavy equipment like the cranes need regular and thorough maintenance. If you choose to hire crane services from reputable and professional companies, they already have workers who properly know the process and all the needed things to consider in taking care of the cranes. Through this, you do not have to spend more expenses for the repair and maintenance of the cranes. And being a client, you do not have to worry about anything else since you know that the cranes are in well condition. Avail the crane  licence centre in Brisbane.

Before you choose to hire crane services from a certain company, you should always do prior research. You could do this through utilizing the internet. Check out the web sites of several crane companies. Once you found them, check out the reviews section on their web page. This is basically where you could witness the reviews of their previous and current clients. Also check if they have legal permits and licenses, including their crane license. If the company have positive feedbacks, then you could consider hiring them.

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