Choosing a Cold Room and Maintenance

Cold rooms are similar to a walk in closet except it is a huge walk in refrigerator commonly used by restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and manufactures to preserve food. Refrigerators forms similar to that of a cabinet but with electric compressors and motors that keeps itself cold. Opening one up makes the air circulate because of its coldness has been exposed with the heat from the outside. The temperature of a refrigerator will adjust to its exposed surroundings and would cool down from the air circulations. The cold When going into this equipment, one must be cautious to their temperature. There needs to be a mental and physical preparedness in walking inside one. For a quick grab and go, that should pose no problem. Although a keen inspection routine and maintenance is important to keep note of following the safety procedures of entering the cold room. There needs to be a proper attire and equipment such as a jacket, mask and gloves when one enters it. The handling of the mechanics of this equipment are done by professionals who know how to protect themselves from the cold. Turning off the equipment would damage the goods stored inside so having the right attire can save that hassle from happening.



Choosing a cold room can be a tough but there are many to choose from in the market. One should consider the size they are looking for. These can be installed easily if the size and space is enough and can perfectly fit into the building. Identifying the capacity of the equipment one needs can make or break the business. Asking for professional advice from refrigeration manufacturers or sellers is the wise choice to make. Professional advice can aid a person from avoiding regrets and mistakes on buying the wrong cold room for their business needs. The appearance of this machine may seem simple and easy but the mechanics and operation can be misused by the consumer. This would lead to downgrading the functionalities of this machine and would not perform on its optimal prime and potential for the business. In order for the business to gain the worth of the equipment, the choosing of one should be a crucial and meticulous decision to make. The convenience of having a cold room can make the business storage easier to organize. When supplies are still high, storing it in the right temperature can preserve its original state and taste.

The importance of cold room is to preserve the products and ingredients of a business. It is a safety standard to have this cooling machine in the food business to have. That is an essential in the back end of a food business especially on restaurants and supermarkets.

Choosing one for the size and capacity is what the business owners need to be aware of when and where to buy a cold room in Brisbane. These are indeed are a necessity for food business and they should choose wisely and know the basics of having it installed in their system.

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Why Should We Use Misa Cool Rooms

Misa cool rooms are Italian freezing and cool room systems made of modular polyurethane. They provide several benefits to the user of which one of the most significant is MISA provides a more flexible, modular solution for food storage management:

• Easy assembly and disassembly of rooms giving critical establishment of investment funds
MISA cool room is measured instead of kitset, so can be any secluded size up to and including 8m x 8m x 3.2m high
• MISA boards come in three widths and four unique heights to fit into any space – MISA is perfect for tight spaces as it can be developed inside the room space
• It has its own built in coving systems that takes into account full inner coving for easy cleaning.

They are suitable for any location and can match any surroundings. Since they come in various sizes they can fit into any available space provided. You can customise the doors and windows with unique features according to your preferences and needs. Misa cool rooms even have rounded corners that provide the users easy cleaning of the corners of the cool rooms, which makes them highly hygienic. They are specially created from materials which are fire safe and therefore unlikely to catch or create fires and a high degree of safety is assured.

MISA panels use high-density MVS Polyurethane patented technology1 panel system rather than polystyrene. Polyurethane is far more superior than polystyrene, here’s why.

• It gives far more noteworthy protection properties and brilliant productivity giving no probability of dampness entrance
• Food vapours can’t cling to polyurethane like they can to polystyrene making it more reasonable for capacity of perishable sustenance
• MISA has a self-extinguishing foam that prevents fire from happening inside the cool room compared to polystyrene which is exceptionally combustible because of its capacity to assimilate 40% more dampness, for example, fat, oil and water from a kitchen’s domain
• They are environment-friendly as they preserve our planet’s natural resources because of how polyurethanes are HFC & CFC free

The materials are made from self-extinguishing foam and other non-absorbent materials, whereas other cool rooms that use polystyrene which have a high level of moisture in absorption, like fatty substances which are highly combustible. Misa cool rooms are very much capable of heavy duty cooling, no matter what type of environment they operate in. They provide more energy efficient even in extreme temperatures. It does not matter if the temperature outdoors reaches 40 degrees Celsius your staff will love outside more than inside your MISA cool room.

• The polyurethane boards that MISA is mostly composed of are up to half more productive when working in 43°C and 75% RH encompassing temperatures contrasted with 75mm and 80mm EPS panel systems
MISA cool and freezer rooms can be fitted with materials are condensing units to help maintain consistent temperatures more efficiently
• MISA rooms will keep the temperatures staying stable at all circumstances. They can work in temperatures as high as 43°C, and whether the atmosphere is cool or hot and damp, the temperature will be kept up at a perfect level keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard the food’s freshness and nourishment and to maintain a strategic distance from the decay of perishables.

1^ – Innovation in Polyurethanes

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Dual Deep Fryers Over Single Ones

Frying food at homes Vs. that for commercial purposes are two different stories. Both the aspects have a different purpose as well as a varying investment. In this article, we are going to discuss about the pros of purchasing dual chambered deep fryers for homes, as well as for commercial purposes.

If your home is always flooded with guests and you need to perform the cooking task quickly, then opting for dual fryers over the alternative ones will make a smart choice. On the other hand, fryers that offer cooking two recipes in the same equipment will make a great choice if you are thinking about deep fryers commercial purchases.

Dual-chambered deep fryers commercial provide you with several advantages as compared to those that contain a single chamber for frying. These benefits are discussed one by one as follows:

Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial Deep Fryers

Preparing two recipes at the same time:

With a fryer having dual chambers, you can save your time by preparing two cuisines simultaneously. Such a benefit is greatly required when you have a bunch of unexpected guests at your home or customers flooding at your food place. Dual deep fryers commercial can make cooking quick enough to meet customer demands adequately. More to that, cooking two separate recipes in fryers that are parted from one another will eventually prevent the flavours of one oil container from blending into that of another.

It will preserve the taste of vegetarians:

Your menu will obviously contain a separate section for the vegetable lovers. Vegetarians do not like their food to catch the aroma of meat, and it happens often when veggies get fried in the same oil in which meat items were fried before. Hence, purchasing commercial deep fryers that have dual chambers will preserve the vegetarian aroma of the veggie lovers. They won’t even get a slick of taste of meat from the oil.

Dual fryers are obviously more expensive than the alternative ones, which is mainly because they serve the purpose of two fryers in a single equipment. But the investment does not go in vain, since dual fryers are much more advantageous than the single ones. However, if you think that you really do not need that much of frying and that fryers are rarely used in your setup, you can stick to the alternative ones in this case, since spending for dual fryers when they are not required often would not be a smart thing to do.

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Advantages of Workplace Café

Having a café inside the building you are working for or near your work place might provide various advantages which might end up enhancing the productivity inside your work place. Here are some of the benefits of having workplace cafes.

• New ambiance – working in one similar work place and similar projects daily could reduce the motivation of the employees, especially as days pass by. Having a workplace café could give the workers a new ambiance. In order to enhance motivation inside the work area, workers could bring paperwork and reports into the café and allow them do read it or finish it, while eating, drinking coffee or snacking. Hence, they will become more motivated and have more time to socialize with their friends or colleagues.

• Lesser lunch time breaks – acquiring a café immediately accessible in the workplace or inside the company building might promote lessening the workers’ lunch time breaks, especially when they often leave the work place just to eat their lunch or any meals. For instance, rather than driving out, looking for a restaurant to eat and be stuck in traffic, taking just the elevator down and eat their meals in the café could definitely save more time. While other companies have strictly implemented just an hour of lunch break or more, some workers might not be able to finish their lunch properly as they need to be quick in order to avoid being late. Hence, having a workplace café inside the company building could surely aid workers to finish their lunch within the allocated time.



• Stretch some muscles – workers who frequently spend their time sitting in front of the desk or computer just to complete their tasks or duties might require stretching their muscles at some time. Acquiring a workplace café located in another floor could allow the workers to stand up and stroll around, making them stretch their muscles and move their entire body. For instance, the worker might go and walk down to the workplace café in order to acquire a coffee or any kinds of drinks or foods. Standing up, moving the body, and walking around could allow individuals to feel energized. Be informed. Check the Café Fortitude Valley.

• Clientele meetings – acquiring a workplace café could be definitely effective and efficient, since clienteles and customers could meet with the staff just inside the café for meetings, rather than meeting elsewhere. As an illustration, a worker might leave the company building in order to take his lunch or meet with a clientele in a local food establishment. This could consume time, since the worker still needs to leave the workplace early in order to reach their meeting venue off-site. If the restaurant is far from the company building, chances could be getting stuck in traffic and be late.

Meeting the clienteles in a workplace café provides the worker much time to do his duties in the office since he could easily go to the workplace caféteria and come back to his work area in just a span of minutes, making him reach the meeting on time.

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Why Just Rent A Fridge

If you will try to watch movies from the old era and if you will go out and just observe the world around you, you can really say that the changes are simply amazing like you are really in a different world. But that is not all actually, not only is the world is a lot more different in how it looks now, but everything actually especially the business world. Yes, before you might not be able to set up a business with a small capital but once you do, you have a better chance of succeeding. But today, with the boost of the online world, everyone can start a small business even with a small capital though you cannot really be sure if you will succeed because of the endless competition. Yes, undeniably we have now more choices than before. Even in business, there are so many of them that you can hardly think of something new to start a business with.

Refrigerator is a must in every houses, you have no other option but to buy it either in cash or in an installment basis. But now, do you know that you can already rent a fridge? Yes, if you have not yet heard about fridge rental business, then you hear it now from this article. You can just rent a fridge thus if you are planning to open a food business, you can certainly do that even if you don’t have the money yet to buy a commercial fridge. In fact, you will be surprised as it is even more beneficial than buying a new one right away. Here are the reasons why:

Commercial Refrigeration


– The first benefit that you can get is the fact that you won’t need large cash just to get the fridge. You might be required to give the first rent right away but that is only up to that. Unlike when you will right buy a new one where you really need to give the full payment and we all know that commercial fridges these days are really expensive. You instead use the money for other things.

– You can match the monthly rental to your monthly income. Being in the business, it is important that you will not spend more than what you earn and that is what you can do when you will just rent a fridge. Besides, with so many types of fridges now, you really have wide options.

– Again you have so many options when it comes to the types of commercial fridge to choose. And because you will only be renting, you can surely afford any type that you like or you need for your business.

– And because you did not use the money in buying a fridge, you can then strategize better with more money to use as capital.

Yes, fridge rentals Brisbane is at times more beneficial especially if budget is tight and you think that the time has come for you to start your business.

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What You Get When You Will Use Commercial Dishwashers

Managing a restaurant or any food business for that matter is surely stressful but despite that, you have to deal with it and act like everything is fine so that your customers will not notice. Take note that aside from the good service, you also need to provide a commendable customer service. We all know how the customers expect fast service from any diner they will come into. You see, most of the time, customers that will come into your business are already hungry and they can’t even stay long as they also need to go back to work. Thus they expect you to provide them with their orders quickly. Aside from that, they also expect not only a clean business establishment but also clean utensils. Yes, a lot of things are expected from you and you need to fill all of them or they will turn to your competitor.

This is the time when you really need efficient equipments like a commercial dishwasher for example. Check out below how a commercial dishwasher helps you in dealing with your day to day activities:



– Instead of hiring someone do the dishes and risk your expensive plates to break, you can do it on your own as you simply load them to the commercial dishwasher. Everything is fast and you have saved in a way.

– It will also help you in maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen. You see, during peak times, dishes can pile up in your kitchen generating all kinds of pollutants and such situation is of course very detrimental to your food business. But with the commercial dishwasher, there will not be a dirty dish in sight and your kitchen will always be clean. At the same time, you can easily serve your customers as well with new clean plates.

– Your utensils will be cleaner as they will be washed for a number of cycles with a very hot water. And because of that, you will have the confidence to serve your customers knowing that you have tried your best to provide an efficient service to the best of your ability.

– Do you know those commercial dishwashers are environment friendly? That is right and it is because you only use less detergent that is with low-phosphate compared when the dishes are hand washed. Aside from that, commercial dishwashers also consume less energy.

– And because you need not do the dishes manually, you can do other chores while having them cleaned. Indeed it is a time saving technique. To think that there are so many things to do when managing a food business. Anytime, someone will come in and will order food, you must always be ready as well as your equipments.

With the many benefits a commercial dishwasher can generate, it would be unwise not to use one when you are in a competitive environment. This kitchen equipment will help you be in the competition and even be one of those who are on the top.

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Catering Equipments – Online Buying Guides

It is indeed true that a restaurant is a lucrative business and the competition is tough. Hence, in order to make your restaurant appear to be classy, well-designed and of topmost quality foods and services, you only do not have to look into the quality of the foods and services to offer but also the kind of catering equipment you are using.

If you are looking for any catering equipment, shopping can be really daunting since when you only have a little time to visit location shops, you cannot buy everything you want. However, when you will search online for catering equipment, for sure you will find what you are looking for. Dealers are plenty online and on their websites, you will surely be amazed at the wide selections of products.

Catering Equipments


Here are some steps to consider when you go for online buying:

Check on the website where you will buy the equipment. Not all online dealers can offer the best quality products; in fact, many are also selling inferior products which appear as elegant and classy due to enhanced images uploaded on their websites. Do not buy from a website which is selling a mix of product lines. You better go to dealers selling single or related brands.

Be specific also on what catering equipment you would like to buy so surfing online can be easier. However, once you get into the right online dealer, you will soon find out other choices and you may even find yourself buying another set which you think can be best included in your list of equipment to buy.

The well-known online sellers can offer you high-quality catering equipments. Read about their reviews and customer testimonials so you will know if they are worth your trust or not. Make sure to also enumerate at least three online dealers which you think can offer you the right product at the right price and the quality you need is not compromised. Then make your own comparison.

Catering equipment that you buy online should have product warranties too. Talk to your dealer about this because you have no personally seen the product. But in many online dealers, they provide free delivery using their partner courier and then you will only pay the courier after seeing the product and after you have decided to finally purchase equipment. Hence, you still have time to check its quality Other than this, you still have the warranty period as well so you can take your money back if you are not satisfied with the catering equipment you bought. These are good for your catering event or business.

Other notable catering equipment that you should have are the coffee maker, dishwashers and beverage dispensers

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Things to Look for In Coffee grinders

For coffee enthusiasts, you have probably heard of coffee grinders but you do not know how it works. The first question that usually comes into mind is how well the grinder grinds the coffee. Of course, you have gone through a lot of coffee shops or beans in your areas, and you also want to achieve the taste that would satisfy you.

What Is a Coffee Grinder?

A coffee grinder is a tool or equipment that grinds the fresh coffee beans. Whether a small amount of roast, or a green coffee beans, the grinder will grind the beans and the grinded beans become a small pieces. For coffee drinkers, the search for the most perfect grinders is a never-ending activity because the grinder must also be compatible with the existing coffee maker. Certainly, if you are currently enjoying a cup of coffee, you probably know and can distinguish that kitchen equipment is important in achieving the best coffee in town. Thus, if you search for an extraordinary grinder, make sure to consider some factors.

wega coffee grinders

Things to Look for in a Grinder

High-quality Parts

The effectiveness of a coffee grinder depends heavily on the quality of its components. For houses, the common choice is a coffee grinder that comes with blade grinders. But, if you want to experience a top notch drinking experience, consider buying the higher price burr coffee grinder. For burr grinder, grinding your coffee must be done once and this is an added advantage to your part. Another is the storage to stock your substance easier.


It is normal for a quality coffee grinder to come at a higher cost usually higher than the average $50. But, this is something to embrace about. These grinders offer a better flavor because the burrs are used to prevent the beans from burning. The grinding action is precise and it becomes easier to clean the equipment since the grinders come with high quality blades or burrs.

Durable and Speedy Performance

A coffee grinder comes without exemption to the growing competition in the market because coffee has always been the world’s most favorite hot drink of all time. You have probably heard about one person who drinks coffee ten times a day, that’s how coffee works for us. With this in mind, there are companies offering different materials but the same concept. When you purchase a coffee grinder, make sure that it is made from durable materials. A high quality coffee grinder will last up to 10 years. People usually opt for commercial grinders as they believe to be the most quality grinder of all, but it is noteworthy to be informed that residential coffee grinders have improved in terms of quality and features. As of the speedy performance, make sure it works on your lifestyle.

Drinking coffee is one of the best routine you have, so do not take it for granted. These three factors are the general factors used in searching for the best coffee grinders in town. If ever you bump across some factors, it will be wise for you to consider them also.

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