Hip Bucks Party Ideas That Won’t Rip You Off

Bucks parties are always a fantastic experience whether you choose to have yours at the New Years Eve party cruise, enjoy barbeques and drinks at a local pub or pretty much whatever you can afford for your guests. The motto stays—rock the party!

Most folks get it twisted thinking bucks is the day to go spendthrift on a crappy bash. Come to think of it: nothing is as important as having fun. Below is a list of places and things to do on your oncoming bucks party will do the trick for you.

• Rent a Pent House—How about you rent a penthouse for the big night in one the lavish hotels in your city? Select a place that will not only mind your pocket but also accommodate all your guests without compromising on the ultimate party mood. There, you can freak all you want. If hell breaks loose, you won’t even know who she is till dawn comes. Of course, this kind of hype requires some dope music and for the icing on the cake, some good liquor and anything else you choose to legalise for the night. If you love to a get-together on cruises, try the cosy penthouses at Sydney Harbour bucks party cruise.

• Get Wild on the Wheels—Since you’re used to driving around lazily, try something unique. With bucks here, there’s need for speed! Everyone who has had a drive day go-karting knows that on such an occasion you should try engines likes of Porsche, BMW and all those flashy rides that are beasts on the track. Go-karting won’t cost you much, but when the day ends you’ll have had much fun, backs to recall and a certificate to boast of.

• Private Dining in a Cruise—New Years Eve party cruise not only offers the flashiest cruise penthouses but also top-rated private dining rooms that hold as many as 15 or more pals. Make sure you plan the menu before the day. If you can consult experts or friends on the best dishes for the event, the better. Also, decide on the signature wine for the dinner. This won’t rip you off either. It’s a wonderful way to have an enjoyable time on bucks.

• Try Shooting Range—It’s full of energy and since nobody does it, you might want to try shooting range. Another unique feature about it is that it requires specific skills. The only problem is you can’t have a crowd all trying to shoot at targets, so you’ll need a small group of pals to help fire guns maybe for the first time. It will make your day; target practice is as thrilling. On top of that, the environment is controlled but it is advisable not to come along with dickheads—we are handling guns here!

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this special event, it’s advisable to keep away from possible money-wasters. Make sure you plan to avoid inconveniences when you should be at ease, tipsy and maybe too high to let anything bring you down.

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Luxury Retirement In Subic Bay

After years of non-stop corporate work, it’s time to just laid back and enjoys life. You can have all the time to roam around the world and visit places you’ve never been before. Sure, you already have a list of the destinations you want to visit. But have you heard of Subic? It’s a hidden gem in the northern part of the Philippines. You can enjoy the humid weather and at the same time, earn money.


If you ever wonder how to you get to Subic, it’s simple. From Manila airport, you can drive for 3-4 hours or ride a ferry going to Subic port. It’s accessible and so near the city so you won’t get the trouble of travelling from the boat for a day of two. There are a lot of world-class restaurants and bars in the area if you want to experience different Filipino cuisines. Hospitals, schools, and market are around the place so you don’t need to worry about your supplies and the food.

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Business opportunity

Subic is the perfect place to invest in property. The serene azure waters and uncrowded beach lure tourists around the world. Summer most especially invites people to its virgin beauty and calm waters. You can have a business opportunity here by purchasing a property near the beach area. You can start a rental house, resell the property or build a commercial building. Start a passion project where you can earn money.

Vacation house

The property can also serve as your vacation house when you feel like visiting the Philippines. Imagine how awesome it is to invite friends and family to this beautiful place and stay in for free. You can also make your property a reception for beach weddings, engagement parties and more. Save money from high hotel rates and accommodation.

Visit to see wide collection of properties in Subic. These are strategically located and made of top-class materials. Get in touch with them now.

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Waterfalls To Visit In Puerto Galera

For those who love exploring waterfalls, nobody can blame you because each waterfall presents a different type of adventure. If you want to visit different waterfalls in one tourist spot, you can check out Puerto Galera. It is ideal to go during the summer season to best enjoy the water while basking in the sun.

Here are 3 waterfalls you should put in your places to visit when going to Puerto Galera:

1) Aninuan Waterfalls

If it’s challenging for you to trek for at least 40 minutes, this falls is worth checking out because of its enormous size. The trail will start at Aninuan Bridge and it is best to ask a local to be your guide. You can personally ask them to lead you to White Beach on your way back so you can relax more after a long trek.

2) Tukuran Falls

Compared to the other falls, the trek here is easy and you don’t have to be an experienced mountain climber to visit the place. You just have to be in pretty good shape. Along the way, you’re going to get a pretty good view of the island so be sure to bring your camera for a little picture taking. You must try a waterfall massage as it will provide a different kind of relaxation.

3) Tamaraw Waterfalls

If you’ve seen pictures of Tamaraw Waterfalls, you know you have to see it to appreciate its beauty. It’s going to take at least 40 minutes to get there but it’s worth it. It’s also a good idea to buy barbeque and fresh coconut juice from the locals while enjoying the view.

Once you visited this falls, you would surely couldn’t have enough. The next thing you know is you want to settle here to be able to enjoy the place any time of the day.  Invest in beachfront luxury homes in the Philippines to appreciate the tropical life.  You’ll literally be living in paradise once you bought one.

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Selecting The Best Fiji Luxury Resorts

Choosing from the different honeymoon resorts is one of the most important decisions you will make as it will decide how enjoyable your honeymoon will turn out to be. While making the decision, you should take into account the preferences and tastes of both the partners. At the same time, one should keep your budget in mind while picking from the different honeymoon resorts. Today, there is much demand for couples resorts as a result of which you find that there is quite a choice for those interested.


You can now choose from the several exotic honeymoon resorts. These places provide you with the best of comfort and luxury albeit at a price. You have to make a wise decision and select the price and quality as it is going to be an experience of a lifetime for you. Besides, if you are going out of the country for your honeymoon, then it is better if you contact a travel agent who will help make the necessary arrangements. No doubt some couples make decisions on the spot, but you cannot afford to make mistakes on this special holiday. Besides, the agents will help you get the paperwork ready before you proceed on your holiday to the honeymoon resorts.

Luxury resorts Fiji or regular resorts are places visited by people to relax and chill out. Such places allow people to unwind and take a much-deserved rest from the daily routine of going to work and coming back tired at the fag end of the day. Resorts that cater specifically to couples and couples alone are called couples resorts. You find that couples visit the couples resorts for a honeymoon, a holiday or a wedding anniversary. Other types of honeymoon resorts include the luxury resorts. The honeymoon resorts provide quite an exotic option. They have luxurious options and a wide variety of facilities for those making plans for a memorable honeymoon.

The main wish of most couples who go on holiday is privacy. Most couples resorts are designed with this in a min so that each and every couple enjoys the maximum privacy possible. Additional effort is put in to make their holiday memorable one. Couples on a honeymoon find the honeymoon resorts to be a perfect place to spend quality time with one another. These couples resorts allow the couples to pamper each other with spa treatments, private beaches and candlelit dinners with soft music playing. Secluded areas and coves add to the ambiance of a couple’s stay. Couples resorts are places where couples can get away to rekindle the intimacy in their lives. There are plenty of such resorts available which meet the requirements and budgets of just about every couple.

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Sofitel – Phnom Penh

Excellent Hotel from Sofitel

Check-in was one of those rare good ones.    Rather than standing at the counter tapping keyboards and filling out forms like you are doing business, we were seated and offered cool towels and welcome drink.  The staff ducked off with our passports and conducted the check-in without needing us.     Finally a hotel that understands how you feel when getting off a flight. Visit the Sofitel Phnom Penh.

Being our first time in Cambodia we realised how much we like the people.   I know these Sofitel staff are the ‘cream of the crop’  but none the less they are just lovely.   There are many various restaurants in the hotel.   French, Japanese …. a great common-area Western style buffet, chocolate shop and more.

Sofitel Phnom Penh

Sofitel Phnom Penh

We were asked if we would like to pay an extra $90 a day to get access to the executive lounge.  We accepted that and it was well worth it.   A lovely breakfast daily, a-la-carte or buffet, and cocktails, wine and canapés in the evenings.    The afternoon ‘High tea’ wasn’t much… just loads of sweet cakes.   We enjoyed Simon looking after us very well with his always smiling friendly face.   Chris the German manager was excellent and always managed a good conversation.

Only one hiccup, I asked Chris about transport options visiting S21 museum, and the options were either he could arrange a metered taxi, or hire a car and driver for $45USD one half a day.   Being just a few blocks away I requested a taxi and that should have cost about $12 return.   We came out and found the car… no meter though.  I asked where is the taxi?  … but got no reply.   We were dropped at the museum and asked to be picked up in three hours at 5:00pm.  We were returned to the hotel and asked to pay $45USD for just 5 minutes in each direction.   I was so angry and I blew up.    From our room I called and left a message requesting the hotel manager to contact me.    Soon Chris rang and heard about what happened.   He sent a bottle of wine to our room compensate and I was satisfied with that.

We would head down to the lobby to the amazing live acoustic Cambodian band.  This became the highlight of our holiday.. see the short film clip I have added.   Wonderful people making amazing music that literally bought tears to our eyes…  we felt so happy.    The French restaurant also was amazing.    We particularly liked Mike and the friendly chef Steven even came out and discussed how we would like our meals in detail.

The pool was decent but not amazing.    It was nice and quiet without too many people and no children playing loudly etcetera.

Around the lobby we enjoyed chatting with Andrew.   He was very friendly and informative.   One day a motorcade of very expensive black limousines turned up.   They were Chinese or Vietnamese businessmen.  The Cambodians seem afraid of them, but I was not.

They parked a new Rolls Royce across the wheelchair ramp and I had my baby son in his pram.   As I struggled with his pram up the steps I hollered “Bit rude parking your car across the ramp don’t you think”.  They just stared at me with steely eyes.    As quickly as they arrived they disappeared.

Don’t miss out on the mall right across the road.  Head straight to the 3rd floor and you will find an amazing selection of excellent restaurants.  The Sofitel staff don’t of course tell you this.   I had inquired about surrounding restaurants, and also heard another guest making the same inquiry.  Doing their job you will be referred to a restaurant inside the hotel.

When checking out I found the executive lounge upgrade was more like $110USD.   Where I am from, if you have you pay it then you have to quote it, and that is the law.    We soon found in Cambodia they quote everything not including 10% service charge and 15% tax.    So 25% percent more than you are told it will cost you, that is considerable.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Sri Lanka Tour on Packages

One of the best places to visit, that is actually not as famous as other tourist destinations, is Sri Lanka. There are a lot of things to do, activities best to try out, new experiences worth remembering and new and exciting treat best to explore. Sri Lanka has a lot of hidden treasure that they surely made available to those who want to experience what their land could offer.

Advantages of Getting Sri Lanka Tour Packages

  • There are a lot of things to enjoy in Sri Lanka, thus getting Sri Lanka Tour Packages will make you enjoy everything that the country could offer. Packages, not limited to Sri Lanka Tour Packages, come jump packed. Every hour and every day will give you excitement and fun that you could not do if you do your tour by yourself.
  • Having a facilitator on your tour could let you know the entire place even more. Some Sri Lanka Tour Packages come with tourist guide or facilitator to let you know the entire area a lot better. They will introduce you to different spots and destinations and will give you good glimpse of things you need to know like history and the like.
  • You surely could get better discounts if you get Sri Lanka tour packages than touring the entire Sri Lanka by yourself. You surely could get discounts in your overall tour especially if you are on a vacation in groups. Discounts will be given more if you get your tour in package and as well as if you travel in groups.
  • You may not be too familiar in Sri Lanka, thus chances of getting lost and wasting your time looking for places you want to check out is not a good idea at all. If you are in Sri Lanka, it is a must that you spend your time wisely, Sri Lanka Tour Packages will let you enjoy every minute you spend in your vacation.

Disadvantages of Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Although very few to mention, it is still worth checking out.

  • Your time could be limited, thus if you enjoy a certain place you visit, you cannot stay longer as you need to follow certain time lines. You need to follow schedules thus staying longer in a place you enjoy the most, may not be possible.
  • There is itinerary, thus going to places you are interested to visit may not be possible, although, you could ask your travel agency of destination inclusions that you may want to be part of your tour.
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How You Can Save Money When Going On Holiday Trips

When going on a holiday trip, you probably know that you will need to spend a certain sum of money in order to travel to your destination. In most cases, it will be an expensive trip, especially if you are thinking about going out of the country. This is because there are costs that you will have to cover, such as your accommodation, your meals, and your transportation, among others.

However, there are actually a number of things that you can do in order to take advantage of cheap holidays in Taveuni island resort and save money. In this manner, you will get to enjoy your trip and have fun without the need to break the bank. Here are some of the money saving tips that you can follow when going on a holiday trip.

You might want to look for cheap tourist travel packages first. These packages are actually good choices if the traveling party consists of several people. You will surely be able to save a ton on such package. You can find these deals on the Internet or through advertisements from various travel agencies. You might also want to check out different tour operators that offer these bundles.

If you will be staying in a room in Taveuni island resort, it will be practical for you to leave your toiletries, such as toothpaste, shampoo, and body soap, among others, at home. Most of the time, certain accommodations already provide these toiletries beforehand. You can find them readily available in the toilets of most hotel rooms. You can even take them for free. Aside from saving money from the avoidance of these purchases, you will also be carrying less stuff inside your bag.

It will be good to do a research on how the public transportation works on the area that you will be visiting. In most cases, public transportation is much cheaper than opting for a car rental or a taxi or cab. There are means of public transportation that can drop you off your specific destination. On the other hand, it will still be cheaper to use public transportation to get closer to your destination than to have a cab drop you off on the exact spot.

You should also research information with regards to the main attractions and tourist spots, such as entrance fees and opening hours. At times, these attractions may offer discounts at certain days or times. Researching these details will help you take advantage of such discounts. You might want to check out their websites or call them personally.

Car rental agencies typically allow the renters to use the GPS system in the rental cars for a certain service fee. For this matter, you might want to pack your own GPS system if you will decide to rent a car when you reach your destination. Instead of paying for the GPS system, you can save up the money and spend it on something else, instead.

Lastly, you should probably cut out on souvenir purchases just to remind you of your vacation. It will be more practical to take lots of photos, instead. This way, you will remember your stay in Taveuni beach resort Fiji.

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What To Expect When Taking A Vacation In Norfolk Island?

For those who want to take a nice vacation in Norfolk Island, make sure that you know what are the things that you must expect once you arrive in the island. The following features of the island are what made it worth visiting, and are some of the reasons why a lot love to get luxury accommodation Norfolk Island Australia. Here are the following:

Packaged Accommodation

There are lots of venues which you can choose if you ever want to take a luxury vacation. Lots of resorts are ready to provide luxury accommodation which contains a lot of features for your own satisfaction. Tour packages are also provided in order for you to have a more organized way of traveling around Norfolk Island.

Top Class Foods

Expect that some of the finest foods in the world are present here in Norfolk Island. There is a wide variety of food for you to choose on their menu. The island is known as one of the finest destinations for those who just love to eat some nice food. There is a huge resource of food available for you to purchase here in the island, and some of our accommodation and tour packages contain free meals as well. If you want to visit some of the top restaurants, you have to choose an accommodation near your desired restaurant.

Brings Out the Best in your Health

There are different health and wellness programs that the island has in store for you. There spas around the area where massage treatments are provided, and it also comes with different treatments to give you the utmost relaxation. Aside from that, there are also some sports events that you can attend to if you’re just the type of person who loves to have an active lifestyle. There are different sports events being held here.

Wonders of Nature

If you want to see the beauty of our world, Norfolk Island is one of the best areas in this planet that you can visit. The shores are spectacular, there is a colorful array of trees and plants along the road, and the island hopping is a must to experience. Rest assured that you’re going to see your vacation as definitely worth the pay!

All you have to do now is to get the finest luxury accommodation package that you can get in Norfolk Island so then you can finally have the time of your life away from town!

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Tour Packages in Sri Lanka: Seeing The Land of Endless Enchantment

Most of the people plan one or two vacations every year. The trend of international vacations has even more risen in the recent era. Quite naturally, criticalities of an overseas holiday are much elevated when compared to domestic travels. Nevertheless, you need to consider all essential aspects while you go, no matter whether inside the country or abroad. Among so many factors that are considered crucial while planning a holiday trip, money is most important. Most of the holiday destinations have separate demands and rates on peak seasons that attract more travelers from across the country. If you want to travel in any peak season in Sri Lanka, it is always wise to plan well in advance.

If you have not traveled with Sri Lanka package tours before, you must not be acquainted with the great advantages of the same. Here are few of the advantages that you must enjoy while traveling with package tours.

1.Offers cost saving tours

Suppose, you are planning a trip to this summer. To accomplish this successfully, you need to book hotels in some popular tourist destinations. Is it possible for you to book hotels on your own at all these locations? Also, you will have to arrange transfers and sightseeing tours too. If you try doing this alone, you might end up paying a very high cost that would easily cross your budget. Going with a package tour prevents this unnecessary spending. Most of the holidaymakers have tie-ups with hotels and resorts to the holiday destinations. Hence, they could always ensure the best rates for you throughout all the seasons.

2.Ensures worry-free journey

You need to arrange for all necessary staffs when traveling alone. From hotel booking to checking accommodation, and arranging train or air tickets, everything needs to be done within a fixed time. You can get rid of all these worries when choosing a holidaymaker.

3.Tailor made tour packages

Most people prefer package tours for tailor made tour package in Sri Lanka. Hurricane Tours are made easy best when traveling along with such a reliable package tour company. They make a vacation a complete one. From foods to sightseeing, everything can be the way you like.

For example, if you have not your hotels booked at the travel destinations, you might find it difficult when reaching the spot. May be you get one after so much of searching, but the tariffs may raise your eyebrows quite easily. Considering all these factors, the comprehensive Sri Lanka tour packages make the ideal option for anyone, who looks for safe and secured holidays. Whether you travel with your family or friends, the tour packages are efficient enough to offer you hazardless holidays at any time of the year.

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7 Top Tips for an Amazing Campervan Experience

A lot of people nowadays are becoming familiar with the good things that a campervan hire Perth can offer. Not only will the said motorhome offers a temporary home while on a vacation, it is also a form of transportation that makes the vacation more amazing for the travelers. People are becoming more and more interested in using campervan hire for their camping and vacation experience.

There are tips that you can follow to be able to make the most out of your campervan experience. These tips should not be that difficult to follow. Here are some of the top tips worth mentioning when you want to enjoy an amazing campervan experience:

  1. Look for campsites smartly. There are campsites that require a hefty sum just so you can use their facilities. However, there are some campsites that actually just require a small donation so that you can stay there. These amazing campsites are usually the ones that offer really good value to your money. Moreover, they offer an authentic atmosphere for the campers.
  1. Look up for hostels that have a car park. Most of the time, these hostels can also give permission to park your campervans. Not only will you be allowed to hook the camper to the hostel’s electrical outlet, you may also use facilities such as the bar and swimming pool.
  1. Remember to stock up on snacks and drinks. More specifically, you have to stock up on water. When stocking up, it is highly recommended that you do so from the supermarket instead of the service station on your route. It is highly likely to save you more money if you buy from the supermarket.
  1. The amazing thing about the motorhome is that you have the freedom to go wherever you wish to. There is absolutely no need to plan too much before you actually go on your vacation. You are also not tied to a bus or tour schedule. Even if you are short on time, you can still enjoy your vacation.
  1. Do not forget to pick up your freebies. Depending on the campervan hire rental you are checking up on, you might be able to get a free extra driver and camping equipment. You might even save yourself on some fees. There are also times when you can get freebies from the campsites. You will be offered free tables and beach chairs.
  1. You might have to pay more money but it is actually better to go for a motorhome that has a stove and fridge. It pays off slightly because you can save money on the way as you can cook your own meals. You will also find the camper’s stove a more efficient option than a camping stove.
  1. In some cases, you might want to get a campervan that has a shower as well as a toilet already. For that, be aware that you are the one who will be responsible for cleaning the toilet. If you are going with other people, determine who will be cleaning the toilet or any other rules you might want to implement for that matter.
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