Choose the Best Whirlybird

A whirlybird can be efficient when you use it correctly, but also a waste of money when you do not buy the one you need.

There is a variety of whirlybirds available on the market from big commercial ones to those manufactured for residential properties, which move less air and are more compact. So if you decide you need a whirlybird, you should know what type you need.

The capacity of whirlybirds can range from 100-200 cubic meters per hour to more than 2,500 cubic metres per hour (for commercial ones). When you purchase such a device make sure that it has enough capacity for the space you have.

A whirlybird keeps your roof ventilated by extracting the heat from inside the roof. Whirlybirds or wind turbines have small fins that start rotating when the wind blows creating a vacuum effect. There are two main types of whirlybirds: those powered by a turbine and those that are activated by the wind blow.

Key benefits of whirlybird

Temperature control

During the summer heat builds up in the roof and can get as high as 70°C. The whirlybird removes the heat by replacing it with cooler air, also making the insulation work more effectively. This will reduce the energy bills during the summer, making you use the air conditioning less frequently.

Moisture control

Moisture can have destructive effects on a house, encouraging mould and causing wood rot. It can also cause allergies and asthma. Make sure you choose roof ventilators that expel moist air and which protect the integrity of your health and home.

Air quality

Removing the heat is not enough during the hot summer days. A good whirlybird also has to allow fresh air to flow easily.



The price for whirlybirds is not high and they are quite easy to install, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. A whirlybird is usually used to complement a more advanced type of roof ventilation, such as a soffit or ridge vents. Turbine vents, whirlybirds or whatever you choose to call them can keep effective ventilation around your home.

These turbine vents are made of galvanised aluminium, which means that they are not affected by corrosion. Therefore, prospective users can rest assured of their quality and durability. They should not fear about any tear and wear that might come in time.

If you have a house with 2-3 bedrooms you will need two whirlybirds and for 4-5 bedrooms you will need four whirlybirds. Experts say that you should install one whirlybird for every 50-60 m2 of roof space. The larger the roof, the bigger the volume of air which can maintain heat and harbor moisture. Therefore, greater air ventilation is required. But using this formula you will make sure that you will have installed enough whirlybird installation Brisbane for your house or building.

Before buying a whirlybird make sure that you talk to a specialist. He will be able to answer all your questions and give you advice on which type would best fit your needs.