Cleaning A Carpet

A carpet is a good decoration in the house because it gives elegance and comfort. It makes the house feel warmer and softer that makes people want to stay in it. But carpets can’t just be a decoration that stays and never cleaned, carpets should regularly be cleaned because it plays an important role in your house and it could also be a great danger if you left it uncleaned for months. Carpets are one of the best places for molds and bacteria to stay in since this is what mostly catches the dusts and dirts in the house. The molds can build their nest on it without you noticing and this could be a real danger since this will cause you dangerous diseases.

This article will give you guide tips on how you can clean your carpet by yourself.

1. Keep the work area clear and clean.

For you to be able to clean your carpet without any interruptions and stops, you should first clear out the area and just let your carpet stay. Take away all the furniture that is one the carpet and all the things that is blocking your way. If the furniture is too heave like a sofa, you can just cover it with a clean cloth so that when you start cleaning, it will not take the dirt that will come from the carpet. You will not have to clean it as well because it will not get dirty.



2. Vacuum your carpet well.

The next thing to do is to get rid of all the dusts that is on the carpet. You can initially do this by vacuuming the carpet really well. This will also be beneficial for the next step since if the carpet has dusts in it, things will just be a lot messier especially when you apply the cleaning solution that you will be using. Use a vacuum cleaner in  every area of the carpet and make sure that you have gotten rid of all the dusts that have stucked in it.

3. Apply the cleaning solution.

After making sure that there are no more dusts in the carpet, you can now apply the cleaning solutions. Use a brush to brush away those stains and use a clean cloth to clean up. Do this as many times as you have to so that you are sure that the carpet stains are remove and that the carpet is really clean. Divide the carpet by 4 parts so that you can easily track the part where you have finished cleaning. This will make you life a lot easier.

4. Rinse the carpet with water.

After every part is done and you are now sure that the carpet is cleaned well, rinse it with water. You can sprinkle it and use brushes and cloth to take away the bubbles. Use as much water as you have to. When everything is done, you can live the carpet and ventilate it well. When it has dried up, you should vacuum it again and you can now safely use it as well.

A clean carpet entails a healthy environment at home. To help you with this, call the carpet cleaning and pest control in Brisbane.