Clever Renovating Ideas Perfect For Your Home

Are you tired of squeezing all of your things in one space? Is your bedroom also serves as your closet? Do you always find a hard time looking for your shoes in the piles of clothes? Maybe it’s time to have a storage friendly room and make a house renovation. Many of us live in a small apartment whether it’s a necessity or by choice. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that you use every corner of our house. Say goodbye to cramped home and make these tricks work for you!

Use the Space under the Stairs

This area is the most deserted. But with proper strategies, you can turn this as the most efficient. If you have a lot of books, you can put your bookshelf under it. This way, you can put other furniture in the area where you shelf lies. You can also build a closet, custom bar, wine storage or shoe rack under. It’s up to you how to design that part. If the zone has a lot of space, you can also transform it into a guest room. If you can’t do this on your own, consult renovations experts to put this off.

Magnetic Walls

Newly furnished home, new walls! This is one of the tricks that can help you maximise your space. Magnetic walls are walls with installed plaster. This plaster material can attract magnet that is very convenient with home with small space. Instead of eating a space in your room for your photos and kitchen appliances, you can just hang them. Aside from being functional, it will be a great decoration and a very personal design. If you don’t know to transform it into a work of art, you can look for many decorations and inspiration online and in magazines.

Baseboard Drawers

That dead space under your cabinet can be useful as you ever imagined. With a little carpentry work, you can turn the unused space into drawers for your infrequently used utensils, candles, batteries and more. If you have an existing cabinet, you can get a carpenter to build an underneath drawers. The size depends on the narrow of unused space. In just a simple step, you can now have additional storage. You don’t also have to bend just to clean that area.

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