Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If a company or business makes use of carpets to keep their floors protected, then commercial carpet cleaning is the best way of keeping the carpets cleaned and maintained without facing the risk of ruining the carpets. Commercial carpet cleaning follows a set of steps to perform in order to effectively carry out their cleaning process which will result in an overall clean carpet. Here are three general steps taken for commercial carpet cleaning companies when they are called in for a carpet cleaning job.


The first step to commercial carpet cleaning is to prepare the carpeted area. The carpet cleaners are given as much details as possible prior to the visit such as the number of people who use it on a daily basis, how much area it covers and if it develops a foul odor over time just to name a few. With this information, commercial carpet cleaning teams will use it to their advantage. Part of their preparations is to give the carpets a pre-vacuuming session to remove the traffic created on the surface as well as applying pre-treatment solutions on areas that need special attention so that cleaning will be easier to do.

Carpet cleaning

After the carpets are prepared for the carpet cleaning process, commercial carpet cleaning can now begin. Every commercial carpet cleaners have different carpet cleaning methods to begin ranging from using carpet shampoo, the bonnet method or the hot water extraction method. These methods are usually performed by spreading the carpet cleaning solution of choice on the carpets and activating the said solutions all over the carpet using a machine that is used for that specific carpet cleaning method. The carpet areas that need extra care such as stains and odors are also treated. Once this is finished, the carpet is left to fully dry out.

Adding protection

Once the commercial carpet cleaning is done, these companies would go the extra mile for their clients and apply protecting solutions to the carpets being cleaned. There are different carpet protecting solutions available and are often dependent on its compatibility with the carpet as it may cause problems such as discoloration. Otherwise, if the protectants are safe to use, these come in the form of stain protectants, odor protectants and even spillage protectants. These will help keep the carpets healthy until the next scheduled cleaning but these protecting solutions have to be reapplied regularly to maximize its effect.

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