Commercial Plumbing and Residential Plumbing – Which Is Better?

Who is better, trained plumbers working for commercial establishments or those working for houses? The answer is both. These professionals are working in the same field but engage in different expertise or specialisation. Thus, it is not right to compare them based on their abilities and training.

One major difference in their responsibilities is how they work on different plumbing fixtures. Whilst most types of fixtures are used in both residential and commercial properties, the differences often come from what kind of fixtures to install and how they are installed. Here are some of the major differences:


For residences, you can see plumbing fixtures to be always mounted on floors and are secured to closet flanges. On the other hand, although commercial establishments are also using the same type of toilets, the use of flush valves is highly recommended. Flush valves can either be operated manually or automatically, the choice is for the business owners to make.

Residential plumbers may not be familiar with the flush valves and other fixture carriers of toilets used in business establishments.


Whilst, you may see almost the same lavatories for both residential and commercial establishments, the difference is more on how they are installed. In homes, they are usually pedestals or drop in, on the other hand, for commercial establishments, lavatories should be hung on lavatory chair carrier.


Commercial plumbing professionals often install faucets that are operated using solar energy or battery as power sources to conserve water. Commercial establishments also use switches with sensors since you need not touch anything to make the water run, making it more hygienic. This feature is not recommended for residential properties because of high installation cost. Residences may choose to use the same faucets used in business establishments. But homeowners often prefer to use manually operated faucets on their households for better control and lesser cost.

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