Comparison Between Commercial And Residential Painters

Both are different types of professional painters. With same kind of detailing required for both residential and commercial painting, communication between client and the painter also needs to be equally good. Both of them need some preparation and skilled estimates to begin the work. With same genre of profession, the difference could only be on the lines of how they work. Let us see few differences between them.

Commercial painters can handle big projects

When a commercial facility needs to be painted, it has a larger area to be painted. It needs more infrastructure and employees. The commercial painters Gold Coast possess the right equipment .

Commercial painters can adapt to the pace of your project

When you have huge projects, residential painters may not be experienced enough to keep moving according to your plan. Commercial painters are used to collaborate with different contractors and plan accordingly. They have enough manpower and scheduling capabilities to change according to your needs on a large scale.

Commercial painters offer more services

Residential painters may be capable of dealing with siding, wood, drywall, stucco and brick. But commercial painters are more skilled and can offer services such as electrostatic painting, faux-finishing, sandblasting, epoxy flooring, and many other services required by commercial facilities.

Commercial painters have a brand value

You can research about commercial painting organizations before you hire them. They would be established with skilled and experienced workers. They offer services to maintain their brand value and fulfill your requirements in a more organized and professional way compared to residential painters.

Commercial painters are needed for large facilities

Residential painters may be a good choice if you have to get your house, apartment or single-room office painted. But for larger facilities such as airports, shops, stadium, public spaces and others, you would need a commercial painting team. A huge team of employees can manage to complete the work in a short span of time.

Although there are many differences between commercial and residential painters, both can provide good service, expert advice and finish their job with the required professionalism. Residential painters have one or two members in their team and are the best choice for smaller tasks. Commercial painting companies have more capabilities to work in a larger project. So it solely depends on your needs to choose between a commercial painting company and a residential painter.