Consider Coatings and Finishes for Timber Floor Polishing

We are a company that gives our clients a lot of options so we offer several coatings and finishes for timber floor polishing. Each of these finishes is very different from one another so one has to choose carefully before making a decision. There are several factors that would affect your decision so better take a look at all the properties of the finished so you can make a decision you won’t regret.

Request for Samples

If you are curious about learning more about our options then give us a call and we would be more than happy to send you a sample. For the timber to have an excellent quality, we use stain. We also make use of the traditional way to stain timber as we are aware the other methods are not really ideal.

Wooden Floor Polishing

Since we mix our own stains, we can give you a lot to choose from in terms of colours. You will be surprised at some of the colours and they will give you a hard time making a choice. If that is the case, we will also give suggestions on which colour would be the best for your wooden flooring. If you don’t agree with us then that is perfectly fine because the flooring is yours so you will still be the one who will make the final decision.

As for the samples, you can request for samples of specific colours and we would be glad to give them to you. Some of the colours are so good they would make you stare at them for a long time.

Sanding Machines

We only make use of high-quality sanding machines so there will be no paintwork involved while it sands timber floor surfaces smooth and flat. Our team specialises in timber floor polishing so you can be sure your floor will be taken good care of until the process is completed.

We are aware that stained floors require a higher standard of sanding so we make use of not only fine equipment but also first class abrasives and additional processes that are normally not used for other processes. We also see to it the timber floors are prepared for the next process which is Staining. We have been doing timber floor polishing Melbourne for a very long time so you can be sure you are going to get nothing but the very best from our well-polished team.