Construction Hazards: Termites

Nowadays, construction work has to be done with caution as a lot of hazardous factors have to be taken in. Not only can the location of the construction work be an impediment to its success, the climate and environment are also factors that should come into play. Before any construction work starts, it is advisable for both the contractor of the construction as well as the construction works to take necessary steps to scout the location and prepare for any unwanted variable. Negligence on the part of both people involved my lead to disastrous consequences.


A mere appraisal of the suggested construction site will not give in-depth results to the factors that might serve as future hindrance or affect the state of the building to be constructed in future. One of such factors is the presence of termites. A termite is an insect that might be mistaken for an ant. In most cases ants can be harmless unless they reside in a hill close to the construction site. For termites though, they are white insects that more than not live in groups meaning that there is a 99% chance of it having an abode or hill close by. These pests eat into wood and cause a lot of damage to the wooden structure. It is very important to watch out for hints and pointers that indicate the presence of these insects in the environment of the building to prevent future problems.

If during the scouting process, no hazardous or altering factor is discovered, then construction work can proceed but if a factor like the presence of termites or ants is discovered, it is best to take care of the problem at the root than leaving it. To take care of this problem, it is best to isolate the source, that is, precautionary steps to remove the hill or residence of these insects. First and foremost, the hill has to be found. These hills might appear as a mound of sand with holes in them or could be underground, in a sandy area or a place that comprises of soil. If construction materials like cement and sand have already been moved to the site then it wouldn’t be surprising to find them there too.

There are two simple basic methods that can take care of this problem. One is to either do it yourself by applying kerosene or store bought pesticides all over the hill. Note that this method may possibly damage the construction materials if the insects abide there. The other method is seeking out for a termites exterminator to either carry it out or provide advice on what to do.