D.I.Y vs Calling a Professional

“It looks so quick and so easy,” they said. “Go and try it yourself,” they said. “Just follow these easy steps you can’t go wrong,” they said. When setting out to do Timber flooring in your home by yourself it’s not always as cut and dry as you may think. It’s even worse when you have not even once fixed a cupboard door. Most people think that all you have to do is look at your favourite magazine, go to the hardware store and pick whichever colour flooring looks like the picture and you can make it happen. Well let me tell you from experience this is far from that simple. Now I am not just writing this for the mere fun of it, but this is to save you from making the same DIY wrong decisions like I did. Professional is best in my book, period. There is so much more that goes into this project than you can even imagine. Trust me I even went through every single ‘DIY don’t’ pages regarding this project and none of them are able to prepare you for what actually takes. I wish I had read a just don’t DIY page.

When starting this out it’s not just as cut and dry as choosing a piece of wood in the correct colour, you are going to need someone to come and check out what type of timber will best suite your home and lifestyle. If you are going to do it, then do it right or you will have to do it over and over all the time. Find solid timber flooring Melbourne who has decades of experience. Me I prefer choosing companies that have been around almost as long as I have been alive. There must be a reason they are around that long, they have to be doing something right. Adding a dash of professionalism to that mix is just great too, no wait let me rethink that and add a solid chunk of professionalism. It’s important to have someone that can complete the entire job for you from start to finish. It’s pointless, getting in a different company to finish the same project. An all in one type of company is just perfect for your home renovation.

However if you are still brave enough to continue the DIY route find a timber flooring company that supplies just the timber as well. This way you will at least speak to a professional who can advise you on what flooring is best. Personally I didn’t know my left from right when it came to the different types of wooden flooring. Besides that internet searching on ‘How to oversee a project.’ is better and much easier than ‘how to install your own timber flooring.’ So at the end of the day the only DIY I recommend is actually not doing it. Have a look around peace of mind trumps everything.