Different Types Of Camper Trailers

It’s such a wonderful idea to travel Australia camping at various locations. The most useful partner with you on such a trip would be hard floor camper trailer Brisbane. You may opt to buy one or decide on a camper trailer hire. In either case you need to know various types of camper trailers. Based on the configurations, there are mainly three types of camper trailers.

Swing-out with soft floor

This comprises of a foldout tent that has two or three sections. A good combination of storage space, bench and appliance space is present in this type of camping trailer. Soft floors are spacious and easy to set up. It can be 12 to 14 foot in length. So it is ideal for sleeping at nights. The kitchen slides out from the rear or is mounted on the swinging tailgate. So it is easier to make lunch on the roadside.

Swing-out with hard floor

The foldout floor section is part of living area or bedding space. Other features are almost similar to the swing-out soft floor type of camping trailer. These are said to be the most commonly opted for a camper trailer hire.


It has a hard roof that needs to be lifted up mechanically. It resembles a traditional caravan with canvas exposed on the sides. They usually have double beds and an internal kitchen that allows comfortable dining. They have tent-like walls that offer more privacy. The floor is above the ground-level with steps to enter. It is little expensive compared to other types for purchase as well as for a camper trailer hire.


It has a sealed hard top. When travelling it opens to the rear and forms floor suspended off the ground level. It is a good choice if you are camping on beach sand or on a slope. The kitchen slides out from the sides and is accessible during the travel. The beds are ready and the camper can flip out easily.


These are also known as pop-up trailers. They are light-weight but can easily accommodate everything needed on a family trip. It does not require huge towing vehicle. Mid-size towing vehicle would suffice. It can include facilities such as kitchen with refrigerator, pull-out beds, faucet, water tank, heaters and others.

There are many other variations of camping trailers such as fifth wheels, tent trailer, A-frame or tipi trailer, teardrop and others. Depending on your needs you could purchase any of these or decide on camper trailer hire. You may also need to consider some accessories like Jerrys, boat racks or outboard mount. Make your best choice to enjoy the camping experience.