Today’s allergies are worse than ever before. People must consult their doctor to get the right testing to find out if they or a loved one has a serious allergy. Exposing a child both in the womb and once born to many different types of food could possibly prevent allergies. There is a flawed idea that by limiting foods such as peanuts in school, more children will avoid allergies. Doctor’s will agree!

Sadly, this type of flawed thinking will lead to more allergies and more doctor visits. By naively keeping kids away from potential allergens we are actually increasing their risks to developing those very same allergies.

Doctors don’t always have the answers, but when they do we must trust them. Sometimes people can have allergic reactions to one another, especially involving sexual relations. Many women, in particular, can be allergic to condoms or other items related to sex. Always consult with your doctor if these symptoms cause you extreme pain or illness.

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