Factors to Consider in Air Conditioning Installation

It is summer time again and if your old air conditioner is no longer working, then it is time for you to get a new one to give you comfort on hot summer days. But purchasing a new unit of air conditioner would require you to hire the services of an agency that specializes in air conditioner repairs as well as air conditioning installation. In fact, it is best if you would consult the agency so you would know the right horse power for your room. If you purchase an air conditioner with lower horse power, the tendency is for the unit to work harder and as a result, increase in your monthly electric bill. Itemized below are the factors that you need to consider when looking for an air conditioning installation agency:


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  • The most important thing is to examine the license of the technician who will install your new air conditioning unit.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is best if you consult a technician who specializes in air conditioner installation Gold Coast so he can guide you regarding the appropriate horse power for the size of your room. You can save on monthly electric bills if the electric motor of your new air conditioner is the right one.
  • These days, there are different models of air conditioners. The technician from the agency that specializes in air conditioning installation will educate you the best one for your room, an example is the window type air conditioner unit.
  • After sales is a very important service of the agency that specializes in air conditioning installation. The air conditioners, be it window type or split type requires regular cleaning.
  • The air conditioning installation agency must only send you a technician who works directly for them, avoid those who sub-contracts because it is easier to contact the technicians once some issues or problems arise. If the technicians are sub-contracts, the agency normally does not provide any work guarantees.
  • Always discuss the rates when you are requesting for a service of air conditioning installation. Inquire if they would charge an additional rate in case they need to add additional power supply. They would check your electrical panel and that service may also be an added cost. Other services such as ducting and sealing may incur added cost so best if you and the technician will discuss the total cost of air conditioning installation in a detailed manner.


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