Family Accommodation On Norfolk Island

So you’ve considered going on a holiday in Norfolk Island. With its rich history and beauty, you are guaranteed that your family will surely enjoy the trip.

Before going to the island, you should have pre-booked an accommodation in the island. You can’t pass through the immigration in Norfolk Island Airport without it. There is lots of family accommodation on Norfolk Island available. Visit!

Cheap accommodation or Expensive accommodation

If you are in a budget, there are cheap accommodations available in the island. The amenities may not be as grand as the more expensive one but you are guaranteed that your family accommodation on Norfolk Island is proper enough for the whole family.

If you have money to splurge, you can check-in to a more expensive accommodation. With higher cost you can expect to have a royal treatment in your stay.

Whatever you choose, the island’s beauty can guarantee that you will have a great time during your family holiday.

Types of accommodation

There are different accommodations available to choose from, there are houses, apartment rentals, guesthouse, hotels, guesthouse, and resorts. You can choose to have your privacy or share a room with your kids. Some rooms have tv inside some even has a full kitchen facility.

Some family accommodation on Norfolk Island has swimming pools, barbecue area, bars, and tennis courts. You can enjoy different activities with your family through their facilities.

You can check with the hotels on their facilities before booking with them.

Island Tour and Activities

Though it is relaxing enough to stay in your hotel, do try out the different tours and activities available in the island. With the island’s rich history and culture there are lots of tours available to educate tourists.

Some of the tours available are: Breakfast Bush Walk, Convict Settlement Tour, Fletchers Fate Mystery Dinner, Island Culture Tour, Half Day General Tour, Mutiny on the Bounty Show, and many more. These tours can give you an insight on the island’s history and mystery, whichever interests you.

You don’t have to spend too much for your family accommodation on Norfolk Island. What is important is the chance for you to bond with your family and get to enjoy new experience with them. It is better to be practical for your family.

Just do make sure that each holiday is a memorable one. Let it be the time for your kids to know more about other culture and for you to know more about each other better.