Floor Grinding Is Your Way To Perfection

Grinding a concrete floor isn’t as easy as it seems. A lot of things need to be taken in account before you start polishing and cleaning off your floor. Keep in mind that grinding is important before applying paint, tiles or wood because the floor has to be level. It also opens the pores in the concrete so that epoxy, tiles or timber flooring have something to grip, thus creating a better adherence. Grinders have finer results compared to chemical stripper because it smoothes out imperfections in the concrete, creating an even surface. After all, more and more people prefer to use grinders when it comes to floor polishing.


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Before you start grinding, take on safety precautions. Wear a protective gear like safety goggles to prevent debris from getting into your eyes, ear plugs because it will surely get loud, gloves and masks, this one is very important especially if you have respiratory ailment. The whole process will be messy and requires medium to heavy labor. A lot of dangers are associated to this task so be aware. This work can be critical to first timers, make sure you have someone to guide you on how to do it. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

For your information, there are three types of grinders: Hand held floor grinders, walk behind concrete grinder and Ride on floor grinder. It is advised to know first the kind of floor you are dealing with so you will know what type of grinder to use.

Hand held floor grinder, as the name implies, is hand held. Commonly used for smaller floors to smoothen surface patches and prepares your floor for coatings that you want to apply later. The most common types of hand held grinders come in 4-5 inches and 7-9 inches.

Walk behind concrete floor grinder is used for larger floor area. Its sizes can range from small which is 16 inches to very large which is 48 inches. The advantage of this grinder is it quickly removes coatings from the floor. It is also used to polish concrete floors in warehouses and commercial buildings. These grinders have 5-6 discs on the bottom which makes it even more effective.

Ride on floor grinder is often operated on showrooms, shopping centers and other huge establishments. This can usually grind and polish up to 5 feet wide in one pass, producing a smooth and flat floor.

Attachments for the grinding machine can improve its performance. The three most common types of grinding attachments are: silicon-carbide-impregnated grinding stones, tungsten-carbide, and diamond-segmented grinding tools. On a budget? Silicon-carbide is the key to economical yet effective grinding. It can level high spots lesser than 1/16 inch. Tungsten-carbide have diamond grinding materials attached beneath it which makes it fast in sharpening. This grinder is commonly applied to materials thicker than 1/16 inch. Lastly, the Diamond-segmented grinder. This the best solution for thick-film coatings such as epoxies and urethanes. Polishing and removing surface imperfections apply as well.