Granny Flat: Should you Opt for It or Not?

The new age economy, social structure, diversified family relationship are quite different from previous era and these are reflected in almost everywhere in our daily life and in neighbourhood. Like many other changes in society, the building planning and architecture has changed a lot and conceptions of need based ideas have taken a front stage in building architecture. Granny flat Perth is one such example of new idea, which is predominantly meant for ageing parents, who need some peace and specific space for their living.

What is Granny Flat?

We are accustomed with boutique or one-bedroom concept of flats or apartments, which serve the specific purpose of individual or small family unit. The granny flats are like these boutique flats with some other features and reflect different and unique ideas. These flats are self-reliant living area for one or two person, which are usually placed on the basis of a home for single family. This kind of flats can either be detached or attached with other dwelling unit/s on the basis of specific requirements. Mainly in the western world, this concept is popular as granny flats because people like this way of idea to accommodate their ageing parents, who needs special care, as well as, some specific space of their own. Though this kind of flat essentially is being constructed for elderly individual or couple but it is also very popular among young mature member or nannies of the family, due to its independent and separate identity. In many parts of the world, in real estate industry, the granny flats are known, to a large extent, as accessory dwelling unit or accessory apartment. In some cases, these flats are used for renting purpose and it is quite popular due to the self-containment and individuality that confirms the privacy of the user. The ideal flat of this kind is consists of small kitchen, toilet, bedroom etc. and considered as the miniature form of a full size apartment.

The Pros & Cons of Granny Flats

  • While in some of the flats; a full unit of kitchen, with necessary fittings and arrangements, are available, there are also provisions of minimal kitchen facilities like microwave, fridge and coffee maker etc. to ensure the safety issue of the inhabitants.
  • The grandparents, who are potential user of these flats, are getting it very difficult to cope with the smaller space situation by cutting a lot of their usual large amount of the belongings.
  • Though this kind of flat has a balanced and developing market but the municipal statutes, building approval rules, zoning restrictions and other regulations are not very supportive in various regions. Therefore, the builders have to toil a lot to obtain these approvals from competent authority, which is very time consuming and tedious job for any individual or organization.
  • The construction of a separate unit of this kind is a costly affair that hikes up the price of the apartment to a large extent. Nowadays, prefabricated structure are being used in construction of granny flats, which helps in controlling the time and cost of building, which helps in selling the product without much effort.

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