Hotel Booking Mistakes to Avoid

From not checking the hotel’s location to booking on the wrong sites, simple mistakes could affect your getaway. To avoid the big blunders, we listed the common hotel booking pitfalls.

Not Checking the Reviews

The emerge of social media and review sites like TripAdvisor should be taken full advantage of. By checking those sites, you will manage your expectation and get an idea of the hotel’s facility and services. Take time to read their suggestions and sift through the reviews, you could also get some budget and travel tips.

Booking at the Wrong time

Never book a room at the last minute. Hotel rates soar when the holiday or vacation season is near. Moreover, it will be difficult to book your desired room because everything is fully occupied. If you procrastinate, expect to spend more than it should be.

Not Comparing Prices

There’s no easy answer to what’s the most affordable hotel without checking each room’s price. Don’t be swayed by the discounts one company give, you must do your research and compare rates to not miss out the greater deals. You could look online or check travel brochures.

Expecting Requests to be Guaranteed

The saying “Don’t expect anything to be not be disappointed” holds true in hotel reservation. Some companies ask a specific request, but this doesn’t mean it is always guaranteed. If it’s vital or for a medical reason, you can you can politely ask the hotel staffs.

Booking a Smaller Room

Don’t assume you can fit your family or friends to a small room. Choose a room that can accommodate all of you. While it’s tempting to save money by choosing a smaller room, the quality of your vacation could be compromised because you’re uncomfortable on your inn.

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