How to Be Not a Victim of Solicitor’s Scam

Different styles of scams evolved over the past years. That’s why it is very important to also elevate your knowledge in identifying how to avoid them. Conveyancing is very vital when buying property is a concern, so scammers know that this is a great time to be a villain.

Some of the victims mostly admit that they don’t have any idea how to identify if the person they talked to is a conveyancing scammer. One of the signs is when a firm asks a very cheap fee, from there, you need to doubt and ask why it is very low. It’s very important to gain insights on conveyancing process in order to protect yourselves.

Don’t be the innocent prey! Here are some smart ways that can help you not to lose your money.


Check your solicitor’s website

The first thing you need to do when looking for an online firm is to check its website. The address must start with HTTPS- S stands for secure. If the website has a padlock on the left side of the browser, then it is safe. Asking friends for a recommendation will make a long way. It’s better to choose a firm that has an established firm because they already made a name in the industry in terms of conveyancing legal process.

Secured Email

Mostly, solicitors will contact you through emails. Scammers hack solicitor’s email if the firm’s security is not enough. In order not to be a victim of this, make a constant communication to the firm like a phone call or meet ups. If you received an email, verify with the firm and different parties before sending any money or bank details.

Be Wise

If the solicitor is asking the full payment after some meetings, then something must be wrong. Don’t give the full payment unless the work is done. You need to verify the firm first and ask why it is so urgent to have the payment in such a fast time. Always be alert, and check the solicitor’s background always.

As the technology evolves, sophisticated types of scams also made their way. Most of the times, scammers will make time and effort to gain your trust. Don’t fall for sweet words as the Brisbane Conveyancing are expert in making it. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s a scam.

Be sceptical, it’s better to trust no one that loses everything. Making rushed decisions or signing documents without understanding the full meaning of it