How To Clean Wooden Floors Courtesy Of Exit Cleaning Services

Wooden floor are naturally beautiful and on top of making the house look cool, they are best for any type of whether, since they are poor conductors of heat and cold. The exit cleaning in Brisbane, provide some of the best wooden floor cleaning services, they have the experience that’s needed either at home or in the office. Below are some of the tips that they use for cleaning the wooden floors and ensure that they have a shiny natural look.


Have enough water in a container, some detergent, liquid or bar soap, a non-fluffy absorbent material (preferably cotton), your favorite commercial polish (make sure that the color goes hand in hand with that of the floor), blunt hardy object, a brush for polishing.


Mix the water and the soap or detergent until it foams, soak in the absorbent rag. Meanwhile, using a blunt object, scrub off some solid stains on the wooden floor.

Use the soaked rug to rub hard on every inch of the wooden floor. According to Exit Cleaning Service, this hard rubbing cleans off some soft and tough stains on the floor. Do this over and over until you are satisfied with the cleanliness. Get very clean water, rinse off the rug, then using the clean water, clean the floor to rid it off soap.

You can either use a dry piece of absorbent material to dry the surface or according to Exit Cleaning Service, you can leave it for a couple of hours to dry naturally under room temperature. However, it’s advisable to pass the dry absorbent material over the wooden floor just to make sure that it is thoroughly dry. Once this is confirmed, the second stage is polishing.

Spread the polish slowly on the surface (the wooden floor) and continue doing that until the whole floor is covered. Apply only a small layer of polish do not have excessive. Once this is done, you can either use a dry rug or another brush (that has not been used) to polish and give out the shiny look on the floor.

The secret of getting a shiny wooden floor is brushing harder on the surface repeatedly until a shiny natural glow is attained. The advantage of a shiny wooden floor is that you may not necessarily need carpeting.

Open the windows and leave them opened for about three hours to get rid of the smell from the polish. Exit Cleaning Service advice floor polishing to be done at least monthly where there are more than three people living in the house or once every three months when people in the house are less than three.