How To Deal With Sensitive Teeth?

Do you always have an uncomfortable feeling whenever you use your teeth? Do your teeth have an irritation, pain or even smell? Then consider that you might have sensitive teeth. Some great cautions will help you to solve this matter. Here are some dental clinic approved remedies you can try if you have sensitive teeth.

1) Toothpaste that desensitizes your tooth: This kind of toothpaste mainly helps to block the usual pain. You should use it within a fixed time interval. There are several famous brands which produces desensitized toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth. Sensodyne, Colgate Pro-Argin Sensitive Pro-Relief, Arm and Hammer, Squigle – these are some brands recommended for this purpose.

2) Go soft with your teeth: Your teeth need soft tools for it. Hard tool rubbing on the teeth skin will affect the quality of the teeth and make it more vulnerable. Use a soft bristled tooth brush. Avoid high acidic fruits in general. Sometimes a mouth guard helps to maintain the healthy teeth.

3) Apply Fluoride Gel: If your tooth enamel is weak then you will suffer from sensitive tooth. Fluoride can improve the condition of tooth enamel of yours. Dentists can apply it on your teeth or just prescribe fluoride so that you can use it at home.

4) Surgical Gum Graft: Gum tissue is very important for a good set of teeth. If your clinic figures that, you have less Gum tissue, you need to fix this. Dentists or oral surgeons will treat advanced gum disease with a simple routine procedure. The doctor takes some Gum tissue from somewhere else in the mouth and implies it in your affected area. This will reduce the sensitivity of the teeth.

5) Perform Root Canal: Root canal should not be done without any recommendation from a dental clinic. It basically removes the defected dental pulp which makes all the pain and replace with brand new tooth. It will reduce unnecessary pain and give you a healthy set of teeth. However, you should remember that this is your final option when nothing else works. If you suffer from severe pain and doctor recommend the root canal, only then you can consider this option.

Brisbane dental clinic offer some great solution to your problem of sensitive teeth. Some of them are clinical and some are suggested to perform in your house. Both ways are effective. Try some of these ideas on your teeth to fix up the problem. Remember, curing sensitive teeth is a long process.