How to Install Laminate Flooring Like a Pro

Many homeowners choose laminate flooring because it has the beauty of wood at a much less expensive price. It is also very easy to install laminate flooring that is why most homeowners choose to do the installation on their own to further save on expenses. Here are the steps in installing laminate flooring:

1.    Gather the necessary materials.

Before you rip your old flooring off, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and materials ready. Once you begin the project, any delays will affect the outcome of the projects. Purchase 10% more than what is needed for the room so that you have enough allowance since some boards will be cut for end fittings. Click here.

2.    Let the boards adjust to the conditions of the room.



To do this, remove plastic covering and lay the boards flat or stack them in the room where they will be installed. The boards will shrink or expand according to the temperature of the room that is why it is necessary to do this step one week before you install the laminate flooring.

3.    Assemble the subfloor

Do not forget to remove crown moldings before you start tearing the old flooring. Be mindful of the nails, tacks, and stapes. Clean the area from debris and particles. While doing so, check if there are areas that need to be repaired. If you are installing your laminate flooring over concrete, make sure is completely dry.

4.    Install the vapor barrier first.

This will come in a packaging with the manufacturer’s directions. Follow them to the dot. Remember to start at the longest wall first.

5.    Trim the door post.

To make the laminate flooring look professional, make sure that it fits neatly under the door post. Trim the door post by laying down a plank with the edge running along the side of the post. Use a handsaw to cut the board.

6.    Install your laminate flooring.

Install the boards parallel to the room’s longest wall. Make them fit snugly by gently tapping them as you install the boards one at a time.

After accomplishing these steps, you now have laminate flooring. Reinstall the base moldings to give it a clean, professional look. You may also add carpets to avoid any damage on your floorings.

Floor grinding services is needed to keep your concrete flooring smooth.