How to Use Web Video Production to Increase Sales Conversions

Although some people use web video production simply to raise awareness, increase engagement or direct people to their website, they can be even more powerful as a sales tool, when used correctly. Businesses are getting more creative with their videos, especially when it comes to highlighting their products. The results? Increased sales conversions.

Explain your Company

According to unbounce, simply explaining your company’s history could increase your conversion rates by as much as 20 percent. That’s what Dropbox did anyway. When they launched their “What is Dropbox?” video the people who signed up every day increased by 10 percent. Not bad, right?

Prove your Product

Sure, you can claim your product does something, but just reading about the benefits isn’t as convincing as actually seeing them. Just take a look at BlendTec’s insane Will it Blend videos. Seeing a blender tear up an IPhone or marbles and turn them to dust isn’t just entertaining, it proves the product will do what it says it does, and maybe even more.

Product Page

Consider web video production for product pages to give viewers a feel for what items are like in real life. According to Kissmetrics when SlacksAndSlacks posted videos for their products sales increased by an insane 144 percent. Although not everyone is guaranteed to see such positive conversion rates, it’s certainly telling. This works especially well to see the true dimensions of a product. A picture is flat, and won’t show the 360 view of a product, so viewers have to use more of their imagination. With a video, it’s easy to put dimensions into perspective based on the other people and objects in the video.


If your web video production can teach shoppers a skill or use the products you’re selling and make the most of them they’ll be more likely to buy. If you’re selling something that might sound complicated, like woodworking tools or car parts, why not show customers using the products is easier than they think or give them ideas of what they can do with them?


If you sell several similar products, why not help potential customers decide between them? You can highlight their different uses, features, and functionality and make suggestions about who the product would be good for. Doing so might help narrow down a list of options that seem endless and lead to a purchase.

Web video production can definitely increase conversion sales when used correctly, it’s just a matter of creating the videos and incorporating them into your website in a natural and fluid way that makes the ease of use intuitive and beneficial to the viewer.