Importance Of EWP Training

EWP or Elevated work platform is a hinged device, telescoping device or an articulated device or a combination of the above devices, which has a boom length of 11 meters or more. It is using to carry equipment, material and workers on top of the building to perform high altitude work. EWP training from Gold Coast is mandatory for people who want to work as a EWP operator.


On completion of this training, you will get a Statement of Attainment, which is under the supervision of Australian Qualifications Framework. The training and certificate you receive are going be recognised nationally.

Upon completing this course successfully, you will receive the necessary logbook training, and you will be eligible to get a High-Risk Work (HRW) License. You will also get an OSSA and a CSA certificate, which is going to be valid for 3 years.

Eligibility requirement

● One should be not less than 18 years old.
● One can easily understand, read and write the English language.
● The person is required to have at least a Year 10 level of skills regarding literacy, numeracy, and communication.
● The person should bring along with him required photo identity documents.
● He should come in proper work clothes like safety boots and long pants.

Need for EWP training course

Due to the extensive use of elevated working platform equipment in various construction sites, they have become one of the most used equipment in this industry. However, there are many dangers involved with their use. Some of these dangers include falling from the EWP, encountering live wires or falling and meeting the structure, which may result in injury to the workers.


Some of the objectives of EWP training course are as follows:
● Understanding the standards and legislations, which relate to the EWP
● How to properly work on an elevated platform
● Understanding the Type of platforms that are in use
● Checking the load limitation and learning how to compute the same
● Recognizing, controlling and evaluating various dangers
● Learning the Rescue Operation in case of any hazard
● The responsibility of workers and employers while working on an elevated platform
● What are the protective equipment workers should take with them?

EWP training is not only important because it has made mandatory by law but also because it helps to keep the workers safe when they are working on any such platform. This training is crucial for electricians, construction workers, plumbers, and inspectors.