Jar Labels

Everyone tends to forget from time to time. Usually the things we fail to remember are just simple things, like what we just ate for breakfast or who left the toilet seat up. But sometimes the things we forget are the things that are very crucial to what we do, like the answers to an exam, or which jar contained rat poison and which jar contained a peanut butter jelly mix. Things like these are unavoidable, so we have created ways for us to remember things that are mental like memories and things that are physical like our stuff. A number of ways include remembering a key word that is not easily forgotten, remembering signs which are much easier to remember, or the most common one of all, putting a label on them.


The first two ways are the quick to do, hard to sustain but can be applied to all memories, whether it be physical or mental. The third way cannot be applied to all things that we must remember, but it can be applied to the majority of the things we encounter like containers. It is also the most effective one since compared to the first two ways, it does not disappear. The con/s of the first two ways is that things that are memorized can disappear from the brain, since memories are not physical things, but electric patterns that run through the nerves which do disappear if not passed through often enough. This is why the third option is the best out of the three when it comes to remembering our things. It is very crucial when it comes to things that store our food like jars. But when you do something important but easy, you might as well add some pizzazz to it. The labels on the jars are un-creatively called, jar labels.

As uncreative the name is, jar labels are actually very important when it comes to jars containing food or food-related things. Remembering or getting reminded of what the jars in the kitchen are storing is important, since no one would want accidentally adding salt instead of sugar in their cereal. Jar labels are not only used by us, the common people, but companies use them too. They use them to differentiate themselves from other companies that are selling the same product, having labels on their jar products also help them in selling their product, since we are attracted to pretty-looking things. The pretty designs on jar labels are also useful to us, by distinguishing each jar by the color of their jar label. This ensures that if something somehow makes the jar label unusable, you will still be able to tell what’s what. It also makes sure that you won’t accidentally add something un-edible or toxic in your food, which is very important since food is what going inside our body, the most effective way of something entering our blood stream and organs. It’s also better than just coloring the jars, because coloring them may still get you to forget, that’s why labeling them with words is an effective way to remember what’s inside.