Lower Your Utility Bills with These Tips

Cut corners on your utility bills by following these tips:

Promote Better Airflow

If you want to cool down your home during summer, but you want to limit the use of air conditioner, then open your windows and door. This way, the oxygen will flow into your house. Moreover, doing this can also improve your indoor air quality. However, if you are worried about the pests, you can prevent them from entering by installing screen doors and windows.

Natural Light

Allow the natural light to enter into your home as it cannot only mood boosts your mood, increase productivity but it can also help you cut cost on your electricity. Some ways to do this is by arranging your furniture and by opening your windows.

Fix leaks

According to National Sanitation Foundation, a leaky faucet can waste 100-2000 of water per year. So, if you are trying to cut cost, make it a point to find and fix all your leaks. Moreover, doing this can also help you limit the moisture in your house that can ruin your structure, and develop moulds that bring diseases.

Use Fluorescent Instead of Incandescent Bulb

Fluorescent Bulb is much more energy efficient and last longer than an incandescent bulb. In fact, according to EnergyStar.gov, you will save up to 70% of energy when you use fluorescent lights. It can also 25 times longer. Although it may cost you in the installation, opting to this will save you more money in the long run.

Change Your Landscape Design

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is overlooking their landscape. This is important as not only the trees and shrubs act as a shade for your home, but it can also release oxygen too making your home cooler. So, to save more on your bills, take the time to fix the design of your yard. You can also ask the help of landscaping Northern Suburbs Adelaide.