Luxury Retirement In Subic Bay

After years of non-stop corporate work, it’s time to just laid back and enjoys life. You can have all the time to roam around the world and visit places you’ve never been before. Sure, you already have a list of the destinations you want to visit. But have you heard of Subic? It’s a hidden gem in the northern part of the Philippines. You can enjoy the humid weather and at the same time, earn money.


If you ever wonder how to you get to Subic, it’s simple. From Manila airport, you can drive for 3-4 hours or ride a ferry going to Subic port. It’s accessible and so near the city so you won’t get the trouble of travelling from the boat for a day of two. There are a lot of world-class restaurants and bars in the area if you want to experience different Filipino cuisines. Hospitals, schools, and market are around the place so you don’t need to worry about your supplies and the food.

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Business opportunity

Subic is the perfect place to invest in property. The serene azure waters and uncrowded beach lure tourists around the world. Summer most especially invites people to its virgin beauty and calm waters. You can have a business opportunity here by purchasing a property near the beach area. You can start a rental house, resell the property or build a commercial building. Start a passion project where you can earn money.

Vacation house

The property can also serve as your vacation house when you feel like visiting the Philippines. Imagine how awesome it is to invite friends and family to this beautiful place and stay in for free. You can also make your property a reception for beach weddings, engagement parties and more. Save money from high hotel rates and accommodation.

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