The Shocking Reason You Should Not Shoot Your Own Music Video

Music video production can cost a lot. This is the main reason some artists decide to shoot their own music video. This can be very risky. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to be able to create an impressive music video. Music video production may seem easy, but things like conceptualizing, directing, and editing takes a lot of hard work. People can tell there is a huge difference between and a low budget music video and a well thought-out music video production. Those glossy videos you see online were definitely not made by newbies.

Quality is not the biggest reason you should stick with professional music video production companies, though. The main reason you should not shoot your own music video: insurance coverage. I bet you’re shocked, but it is the truth. Music video production employs twenty, sometimes even hundreds of people. Managing a great number of people is tough. There are accidents waiting to happen in just one wrong move. Someone might trip on the thick cables or some problems may occur with the harnesses. These accidents will raise music video production costs to unimaginable proportions. This is where General Liability Insurance is beneficial. A specialized insurance is also necessary if the music video production takes place in a dangerous area or needs some serious stunts. Working with also protects you from slander in case the output turns out inappropriate or slanderous.

As someone who does not know enough about music video production, you might face lawsuits in case you violate any law regarding filmmaking. For example, any trademark or logo that belongs to a company should not be filmed in a defamatory manner. If you violate this law you might be fined or imprisoned. The technical aspect of music video production is complicated. Sticking to a reliable music video production company will prevent serious problems from happening.

Not knowing stuff about insurance and the laws covering filmmaking will lead to the jeopardy of your career. It is best to stick with the professionals so that your music video production becomes a success.