Office Chair – Creating Healthy Habits in the Workstation

Cultivating right habits from the comforts of the workstation can reap many benefits for health. Working for long hours completely ignoring your physical and mental well-being can lead to disastrous consequences in the future. There are many ways to pave way to a healthy-self right from your office chairs Melbourne. All it takes is a bit of conscious effort and a strong will to adopt healthy practices.

Many employees of the corporate world suffer from health issues due to the prolonged sitting in front of the computer. This may be necessary as almost every single task now is done with the help of technology and internet but there are ways to ensure that it does not risk your health. Bad postures can have dire consequences like neck pain and back pain which can even lead to serious concerns like degenerative discs. To ensure proper support to the bone structure, sitting postures which do not stress the spine and bone structures should be adopted. Ergonomic office chairs which have been formulated considering the shape and structure of human body can be used to instill good postures in the employees.

Another area which needs to be addressed is the lack of exercise in the employees. Static postures and sitting can lead to obesity in addition to other muscular and spinal problems. This can be overcome by stretches and small exercises which can done from the office chairs. Chest stretches can be easily done by stretching the arms and shoulders back and holding the position for a few seconds and then by repeating the same. Neck stretch is also a simple stretch which can alleviate the stress of the neck muscles. For this, hold the sides of the seat tightly with your hands and then tilt the neck left keeping it in the position for a few seconds and then to the right. Another simple exercise to de-stress your lower back right from your office chairs, is the abs twist. Sit straight in your chair, squeeze both the arms in front of your chest and move just your torso first to the right and then to the left and repeat this process to complete ab twists from your workstation. Prolonged sitting with no breaks, stresses out the bone structure and can also lead to improper blood circulation causing numbness in feet and other similar problems. In order to avoid this, take breaks from work and go for short walks.

Health is of primary importance to man. Remember that while risking your health you are risking your career as well. Create a health-friendly workspace by choosing the right chair for you, practice healthy habits in your workstation all through the day and pave way to a healthy body and a sound mind.