Phases Needed Before Acquiring an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) License

In construction projects, heavy machineries will always be involved and needed because these things makes the life and tasks of every worker easier and faster. But these machineries are very complicated and difficult to operate that is why only those professional operators who are excellent have the right to operate such.

Operating an elevating work platform (EWP) requires the following phases in order for you to operate the machine properly and not endanger your life and the lives of others.


• Education. If you have plans of getting into the EWP field of expertise, there is a need for you to be educated on what are the important information and details that are attached to it. These things will be your foundation on how you are going to operate this heavy and complicated machinery in order to avoid problems while operating it. Education means that you will have to undergo a lot of learning about what are those specific buttons and instructions on the machine and how to properly follow and use it.

• Training. In this phase, you will now begin with putting what you have learned into action, but of course, with the guidance and assistance of a professional operator who is the one teaching you. All of the education that you have undergone will be very vital in this phase because this will be a sort of test whether you have learned something. And will also identify the instructor on what are the specific aspects that you need to improve in order to operate this heavy machinery properly and better.

• Skills. After all of the education and training that you’ve been through and successfully accomplished, you are now able to acquire the skills that are needed in operating this machine. Skills that will allow you to know and make sure that the safety of you, the machine, and the people who are around the area kept high which means that possible injuries and accidents will be reduced.

• Experience. If you are successful with the previous phases, the training center will let you look for a company where you will have your On-the-Job training which will allow you to have a glimpse of reality. You will be in a place where you will see how professional EWP operators do their job and there will also be a chance that you will operate one while you are being guided through the ways in the real world.

• License. Accomplishing all of those phases will entitle you with the EWP license that is a primary requirement for the job because this will be your evidence that you have completed everything.

There is no doubt that when operating heavy machineries such as an elevating work platform (EWP), there are requirements that you have to meet before you will be granted the right to operate such. EWP license is needed if you want to operate such heavy machinery because this is a written proof that you have undergone a series of education, training, skills assessments, and experience.

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