Qualities to Make Your Videos Go Viral

Businesses, firms, and organisations are relying on the power of video production. And why not? Video ads are proven to boost sales. But to achieve this, your video must have good qualities. Here are some:

Make it short

In a survey conducted by the New York Times, it shows that 20 percent of the viewers stops watching within the first 10 seconds. So, if possible, make a short concise ad that will explain the message you want to share.

Incorporate Music

Music sets the tone of your video. To be shareable, you need to evoke strong emotions in your viewers, do this by putting melodramatic sound or upbeat note.


The first thing you need to do after you shoot the scene is to edit. This is to put all the shots in the right sequence. Use high-quality software.


Video ads are flooding today’s social media pages. If you have low-quality ads, don’t expect positive results. Your ideas will be a waste if you don’t make sure it’s easy to the eyes. You don’t need an expensive camera to make it happen, just use a good lighting.

Be funny

Since we are dealing with stress every day, the last thing we want to experience when watching is to be sad or agitate. If you have noticed, the ones that go viral are the funny and entertaining ads.


If your production has all the cliché marketing formula, the viewers won’t finish watching it because they already know the ending. Put an unexpected twist on the first 20 seconds to make it more engaging.

Now you know the qualities your film ads must haves, you now need to look for a company who can make your video viral. Like, Clear Concept. They are here to provide website video production Sydney for your firm.