Questions to Ask Before Hiring An Event Caterer

One of the most exciting and stressful times in a person life is planning a wedding. The wedding is about you and your partner’s love. One of the most important parts for both you and your guests is the food that is served. Many brides use an event caterer Melbourne for the food they want served. If you are looking to have an event caterer cater your wedding, here are some questions to make sure that the event caterer is the right option for you.

–          Who am I meeting?

There are a few people that you should meet with when you are looking at hiring an event caterer. In some cases, you may be meeting the owner, or a sales person depending on the size of the catering company. Knowing the person’s role within the company can tell you a lot about how the company works. Also, make sure you know who you will be working with in the future, as this can change when you are working with a large company.

–          What are the other services does you offer?

Many times, catering companies do more than just have lunch and dinner options. Some will make desserts. Others have venues that you can rent for rehearsal dinners, and other events. Licensed bar services are sometimes available. Make sure to ask about the other services, as many times they come in package deals which can save you a lot of money.

–          Where do you source your ingredients?

Where a catering company gets its ingredients can say a lot about the food before you taste it. Locally sourced ingredients are normally the best since they are fresh. The menu will change as the seasons change if a catering company uses local ingredients. Many times, if a catering company is using fresh ingredients, they can tweak the dishes and recipes to better accommodate people’s allergies. Make sure to note allergies well before the event to give the caterer time to tweak the recipes.

–          Did I like the food?

When you are hiring a caterer you need to make sure you like the food that they create. Always have a tasting of both food and drinks before you sign the contact. While you may not like everything on the menu, you and your partner should like most of it. You also need to let the event caterer know if you need to have a gluten-free or vegan option on your menu.