Real Estate Agents – Warning Bells Should Sound

Making the choice of real estate agent is more important than you may think. A great real estate agent can find the perfect home for you or sell your existing home in a hear beat but making the wrong choice can really delay or totally ruin the transaction which could result in you having no place to call your home.

Certain information and facts should sound warning bells when selecting a real estate agent and you need to stay vigilant and aware of them at all times. See Solana Beach CA real estate.

An agent who suggests the highest price for you home when selling is one to keep your eye on. Be sure to get three agents to take a look at your property and suggest pricing. A great agent will consider the information you have provided and inform you of what other properties similar to yours have sold for and how long they were on the market. An agent who simply suggests the highest price without explanation obviously does not have their finger on the market at the present moment and may only be concerned with their bottom line.

A part time or side line real estate agent is not the one you want to hire. You want a real estate agent who is actively in the market. You want an agent who is available to show your home to prospective buyers at the drop of a hat and if you are a prospective buyer, you want an agent who can show your properties when the need arises.

A real estate agent who is a family member is a mistake. If the agent doesn’t do as good a job as he/she should this could cause resentment and this is not what you want to have with family members.

A real estate agent who does not know the area or landscape where they are trying to find you a home or sell your home. This agent is not likely to have the necessary contacts or client lists to perform the said task efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Selecting a real estate agent solely on the basis that they ask a lower commission is asking for trouble. If the agent is however a good fit in all other aspects, then yes go for it.

Your agent needs to be a fantastic negotiator. If the negotiation skills are poor, the chances of them closing the deal are not good.

Buying a home is a lifetime commitment and one you should take seriously to ensure that you get the house of your dreams and are provided with the best possible service. If selling your home, you have to be sure the agent is capable of selling your home quickly and for your desired price. Remember that the longer your home is on the market, the more chance there is that prospective buyers will think there is a problem with it.