Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garden

The snow has melted, and our lawn is now turning to a fresh green grass. This just means it’s time to start a garden spring cleaning. If you don’t have any idea where to start, this article is for you.

Remove the Debris

Walk around your garden and start cleaning by removing dead plants, fallen branches and scattered leaves. Also, remove dead trees that are in the plants to reduce infections and make the flowers to bloom healthy.

Pruning and trimming

Prune and trim dead or broken branches that you can reach and call the experts to handle bigger trees. Don’t overlook this step as they can fall anytime causing serious injuries. The procedure also helps to maintain a strong tree structure and proper tree weight distribution.

Water Features

If you have pond and fountain, you need to immediately remove any winter debris to prevent insects and algae growth up.


Dump the collected leaves, branches and plants into your compost file. Aside from reducing waste consumption, it will also help the soil to be rich.


Before making any changes to your garden landscape, first make a sketch indicating the trees, plants and design you’d like to add. Seek landscaper before starting any process.


Before planting any seeds, it’s worth testing your soil first. Often, the snow and freezing weather make it dry and damp. Put fresh soil and add organic fertiliser when necessary.

Get rid of Weeds

Remove the weeds without using harsh chemicals. You can get a carpet of newspaper and out them where the weeds are growing to prevent sunlight and oxygen reaching the soil. You can also use boiling water or vinegar.

When all the steps mentioned above are completed, you will be on your way to having beautiful garden landscape. However, the debris and rubbish could affect to its’s appeal. Luckily, you can hire skip bins from GT Skips  that come in varied sizes. Get a free quote today.