Termite Protection Measures

Measures taken in the termite pest control could be of two types. They could be preventive or constructive types. Preventive measures which are considered destructive are those which lead to the actual annihilation of termite populations as well as reduced numbers at the end. The constructive types are those which are seen to take into consideration the important role of the termites in the ecological system hence they only involve measures that will ward off this natural enemy or measures which will keep them off completely.

One of the most popular ways of termite control is the use of termiticides which as the name suggests, are chemicals which are used to either kill or to keep termites away. The termiticides could be applied at points of entry for the insects or on the material they could end up destroying. This will respectively keep them from getting on your property and from destroying the material on the site. They could be either repellent or non-repellent types.

The repellent types could be termite poisons or simply just odours which simply just repel the insect all in an effort toward pest protection. The non-repellent types are considered to be silent killers of the pest. They are ideal in situations where there are massive infestations by the organisms and in an effort toward pest protection.

Conventional treatments for termites will involve the treating of soil around construction sites as well as around plumbing pipes and waterways. In addition to these, the soil around potential entry points for the termites are treated as a preventive measure. The number of areas which in fact will require treating is based on the type of home and how it has been constructed. In this way, a step further up on the ladder of pest protection is made.

Exteriors of houses and homes could also have what is referred to as exterior perimeter treatment as most pest attacks are from sources beyond the limits of the house or home. Termite protection, in this case, is done to the area immediately surrounding a house. This ensures that there is no chance of termite habitation in the areas immediately around the house. This is conveniently an addition to termite protection procedures already carried out on the interior of the house or home.

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