The Best Smoke Alarm Information You Should Remember

Most of the fatal fires that occur usually happen during the night when people are asleep. This is why having smoke alarm installation Brisbane is so important, so you will be safe from fire. Many towns and cities have laws about how many smoke alarms you need in a home, and where the smoke alarm installation must be located. Most times, a smoke alarm installation will have to be outside of the all sleeping areas, and on every story that the house has. The laws can vary on how many smoke alarms are needed, depending on the type of building they are being installed in.

Choosing a smoke alarm

There are two different types of smoke alarms. The smoke alarm installation instructions are the same for both types. Both types can be battery operated, electrically connected, or a mixture of both types of power supplies.

Ionization Smoke Alarms use a small amount of radioactive material to ionize the air that is between two plates that electrically charge. This charge causes a measurable flow between the plates. If there is smoke in the chamber, a change in the current happens, and activates the smoke alarms.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms use a light source that is aimed away from the sensor in the smoke alarm’s sensing chambers. Any smoke will cause the light to reflect back into the sensor, which will cause the alarm to go off.

Where You Should Install Smoke Alarms

Since smoke rises, the best place to do smoke alarm installation is on the ceiling. If this is not possible, you should try to have the smoke alarm at the top of the wall. Avoid having your smoke alarms placed near heating appliances, ceiling fans, windows, and bathrooms, as this can lead to smoke alarms being triggered without any smoke. Always check your local laws, as most areas have laws about where you should install smoke alarms. Most areas will require you to install alarms in hallways that are between the sleeping areas, or in the each sleeping area, and you will also need at least one smoke alarm on each floor. When installing a smoke alarm, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines, and test the unit to make sure the smoke alarm works.

Most smoke alarms can be tested by pressing the test button. If your smoke alarm does not have a test button, you can use smouldering incense smoke to test the unit. If your smoke alarm uses batteries, or a mixture of batteries and electrical power, you should replace the batteries often. If you hear a chirp from your smoke alarm, or see a flashing light that is not normal, change the batteries as soon as possible.

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