The Pros And Cons Of Using Self Service Laundry

Living on a budget can be a tough way to go through life, especially when a person’s budget restricts them to a small apartment. With a small apartment, space is a major concern and people often find that certain essential appliances simply do not fit in. These appliances may include a stove, garbage disposal, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer. While certain functions that are provided by these appliances can still be completed by hand, a washing machine and tumble dryer do offer many benefits that have become a vital part of the modern day life. With this in mind, many people turn towards a self-service laundry in order to be able to wash and dry their clothes without having to squeeze these appliances into their cramped apartment.

The Pros

As with any type of public service, self-service laundry does have its own set of pros and cons. The most obvious positive fact about this type of service is the fact that people are able to wash their clothes and get them dried without the need for a washing machine or tumble dryer at their own place. This is not only a space saver for many people, but can also be an excellent way to get by on a budget. Many people are unable to pay a large sum of money for these appliances once-off, which means turning towards a service that offer these functions can help the specific individual keep their washing up-to-date without having to worry about paying a large amount.

The Cons

With the positive facts about self-service laundry in mind, a person also needs to consider the negative facts. The most common complaint that people have about these services is the fact that a large number of clothes – all from different people – go through these machines daily. This means that blood and other substances may have entered the machines without anyone knowing. Thus, hygiene is often a concern for many people who are forced to use these services. Apart from hygiene, it is also important to note that these machines are running the entire day. This is why errors, malfunctions and broken machines are so common among companies that offer these services. When in a hurry to get clothes cleaned up, malfunctioning or broken machines will yield a serious delay. Using a self-service laundry is also at a person’s own risk, which means if something gets stolen out of a person’s batch, no-one would be held responsible.

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