Tie The Knot With The Perfect Wedding Cake

The use of wedding cakes as part of the wedding event when two people get married is quite popular. The first use of such as tradition dates back to the 18th century, when a pile of stacked cakes was put in the middle of the bride and groom. The bride and groom were then requested to kiss each other over the cake stack. It was believed that, if they succeeded, they would have a prosperous marriage. Today a wedding cake is used as part of a wedding reception and is usually served after dinner or other food choices that are provided during the reception. These cakes vary widely in size, style, color, taste and décor; thus making the right choice when it comes to choosing the best option is vital.

Flavors and Cake Types

In the modern world, hundreds of different cake types and flavors are available to choose from. This is also why many people find it so difficult to come to a final decision and why many couples first go through a series of taste tests in order to sample different flavors. Among all of the different wedding cake flavors that are available, red velvet is often a preferred choice. The color of this cake represents both romance and love. Other popular flavors that couples enjoy include chocolate, lemon, vanilla, coconut and carrot. Sometimes a couple feels adventurous and goes for a more experimental flavor. Such a flavor might include pink champagne, white chocolate and raspberry, as well as coconut and lime.

Décor and Shape

Apart from choosing the type of cake that should accompany the perfect wedding, a couple also needs to choose a shape for their wedding cake. In addition to the shape, décor also needs to be chosen as it plays an important role in how the cake looks. Some popular shapes include round cakes and square cakes, but some couples prefer a unique shape since the cake served at their reception will be in celebration of their love and marriage. Cakes that are used at weddings can be multi-layered, but some couples prefer having cakes stacked upon each other on pillars, instead of directly on top of each other. Once the shape has been confirmed, décor is the next big step. Décor might include a simple, yet elegant design, or a more creative design.

With such a large selection of flavors, sizes, shapes and décor when it comes to buying a wedding cake, couples are often faced with a challenge when trying to make a final decision. This is why a meeting with the cake designer is very important. Meeting up can help the couple discuss their ideas with the cake designer and help the designer come up with ideas that will perfectly represent the love shared between the two partners that are tying the knot.

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