Tips to Enhance Small Bathrooms

You may have dreamt of having a bigger bathroom than the one you have and probably had a lit of fancy ideas to design a big, spacious bathroom one day. But here’s the truth sometimes we just need to make peace with what we have and probably think of ways to make the most out of it.

So, if you have tiny bathrooms/bathroom at your home and looking for some ideas to design them effectively, here are some designing tips to help you make your bathrooms appear spacious and classy. Buy bathroom accessories in Canberra.



Corner Sink vs. Center Sink – It’s a shame that most modern bathrooms have sinks installed at the centre lane of the bathroom which consumes ample space. When looking for significant change and ideas to create more space in bathrooms, changing the sink placement may do wonders for you. Sinks installed at the corner of the bathroom makes more space at the centre and makes it look less cluttered.

Shower Curtains Are a Must – Rather than living with glass doors that move in and out, try replacing them with bright and elegant shower curtains. This saves your bathrooms a ton of space; they are low maintenance and give a fresh look to the bathroom since the curtains can be changed periodically.

An Elevated Vanity – Try redesigning the placement and structure of the vanity. Vanities that are stuck to the ground take unnecessary space rather, get an elevated vanity. This looks elite and makes more space in bathrooms for extra storage under the vanity.

Extend the Counter – If the toilet and bathroom sink are placed close enough, you can try adding a wooden slab to extend the counter over the toilet. This is a very clever idea to make more counter space and storage. Plus, slab extension wouldn’t affect the toilet; in fact the fresh setup makes bathrooms look super cute.

Wallpaper – The wallpaper you choose make a huge difference to your home bathrooms. Here’s an expert advice – go for large, horizontal striped patterns to give your bathroom a spacious illusion. This tricks the eyes and makes even super tiny bathrooms appear broader.

Extra Large Mirror – Here’s the thing, large mirrors look awesome! Extending the mirror horizontally above the sink makes your bathroom look wider and gives an opportunity for two people to use it once on a super busy day.

Vanity Selection – If you have trouble finding a place to hang or place your towels in your bathrooms, try installing a vanity with an open shelf. Most bathrooms don’t offer open vanity setups and have large ones that take a ton of space and offer minimal storage options. If that’s the kind of vanity your bathrooms possess too, try replacing them with an open vanity that lets you store towels and other bathroom essentials.

Hire a bathroom renovator for this construction project.

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