Tools that you need for your DIY house painting

There are many commercial painters around who can do just any type of painting from intricate interiors to huge buildings. But it is difficult to get them if you have a minor make-over planned for your house or if there is a small room to be painted fresh. Commercial painters use a lot of high-end tools for huge projects. You may not need sophisticated tools for simple painting work. Here are a few nice-to-have pieces in your painting tool-kit.

Paint brush

The most important tool to apply the paint is a paint brush. For trimming, a glide brush can be used and it should be maintained well so that it lasts longer. Commercial painters may use many variants of brushes. But you can go for a couple of them. An angular brush and trimming brush would suffice.

Roller handle Wooster

This is not a very cheap tool but is required for a variety of tasks. It should spin smoothly and apply the paint or the primer evenly.

Multipurpose tool

As the name suggests, it helps the painters in doing several jobs. Commercial painters carry this with them without fail. It can help to open the paint cans, to squeeze the paint from rollers, and to scrap the paint in case you do not have a dedicated paint scraper.

Toolbox in a stool

This is not compulsory equipment. But it helps a lot. The toolbox is a good storage space for many tools which cannot be carried in pockets. Also a little height with the stool is a lot useful especially when you can’t reach out to some edges.


A razor knife is a preferred tool that is required to cut the tip of tubes or cut the tapes when you want to cover the windows or doors. A knife is a handy tool that is a must in the painting tool kit.

Hand masker

When you want to avoid expensive surfaces such as the tiles or hardwood, 3M hand masker would be a good tool. You can have a light-weight masker that can be used for floor sanding, drywall texturing and wall painting as well.

Roller pole

When you have a roller, it should not be shaky when you want to reach the corners and edges. So a roller pole will give the stability to its movement. You get extendable poles so that you can adjust the length of the roller pole.

Drop cloth

It is important to protect the floor as you paint. So a drop cloth beneath the stool is a must. It is better to purchase a good quality, washable and reusable drop cloth. Avoid plastic drop cloths as far as possible.

Paint scraper

Scraping the walls is the most difficult part of painting job if the walls are getting painted after a long time. A hefty scraper with a putty knife helps in this tedious job.

These are some of the painting tools that you need even if you are not a professional. To get the painting job easier these tools are helpful.

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