Types Of Office Chairs

There are several types of office chairs. The most common is the Task Chair. These are simply chairs to sit upon. There is no support for head-rest or lumber. One cannot sit for long as these are uncomfortable. Mid-back chairs with correct ergonomic design may offer full back support. Full-back or executive chairs are high-end office chairs and are ergonomically efficient. Depending upon the material, design, technology and end-use, office chairs can be subdivided into seven broad categories. These are:

1. Conference Chairs
2. Executive Chairs
3. Ergonomic Chairs
4. Mesh Chair
5. Guest Chair
6. Task Chair and
7. Stacking Chair

1. Conference Chairs

The boardroom is a place to showcase professionalism. Such, conference chairs are made from luxurious upholstery. It is given the most modern appearance. Along with a comfortable seating, members of boardroom have the option to swivel around, slide back and forth and attend to minute observation of papers laid before them. Usually, these office chairs comes in customised colour pattern and company’s logo imprinted at the back of the back-rest.

2. Executive Chairs

Executive chairs have casters and wheels. It usually comes with a head rest and an adjustable high back rest. The leather upholstery has liberal layers of soft material and polyurethane foam. These have ergonomic features since the person using such executive office chair has to remain seated for longer duration.

3. Ergonomic Chairs

Office chairs that are used for long duration seating mostly with desktop work are scientifically manufactured in conformation to norms and standards laid down by the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute. They must conform to AFRDI level 4, 5 or 6. Level 6 is the most rigorous level and is a market standard for ergonomics and durability. These height adjustable swivel chairs with perfect backrest are mostly meant for computer work.

4. Guest Chairs

These chairs come in wide variety, ranging from simple arm free to padded and upholstered chairs. The frame is made from wood, stainless steel or simply PVC moulded. These are compact, usually combined in three and four to save space and snug unconstructively along the side wall to save more walking space for visitors.

5. Task Chairs

A task office chairs is commonly used with an office desk. These are with simple design meant for different users. These chairs are used in classroom teaching, public library or where multiple employees share an office work-station. Some task chairs have adjustable height facility. For this a side lever is provided.

6. Mesh Chairs

These chairs have seat and back rest made from perforated fabric to allow good air circulation. This gives ample relief from heat and sweating as well as produces a soothing effect on the stressed back and thighs. Such office chairs are also home favourite for computer work.

7. Stacking Chairs

Stacking type office chairs as the name implies are meant for spreading several chairs on a floor and later stacking them one on the other in bunch of 5 or 10 and storing them at the corner or elsewhere. Their design and materials vary as per budget.

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