Types of Retaining Walls

There are a lot of things that we can do in our driveway, lawn or in our garden to beautify it even more. One of this is having retaining walls. Retaining walls are not just about beautification but it can also be of help in terms of preventing erosions. Retaining walls have been done since the early days because it proved beneficial to most people and it also enhances the look and beauty in ones home and garden. Retaining walls can be done easily and you can just even do it yourself if you just have the right tools and materials needed for it.

First, you will need to know the types of retaining walls.

1. The gravity retaining walls.

This is probably one of the easiest retaining walls that you can do just by yourself and no need for a landscaping company to help you. This type of retaining wall usually do not exceed to 4 feet tall. As it name states, this type of

retaining wall mostly relies on its weight in order for it to be able to hold the pressure that the materials behind it is giving. The base should be the thickest part in this type of wall for it to be able to hold the pressure because of the materials. It should be leaning backward against the materials to resist the pressure. If over time you find deformity on this kind of retaining walls, then it is time to reconstruct because it is already in the brink of breaking.

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2. The cantilever retaining walls.

This type of retaining walls is single layered and is built with the same thickness from base to the last pile of material that is used. The structure of this retaining wall will be the determining factor on the kind of materials that it can hold and how big or heavy these materials are. To be sure that this type of retaining wall is effective for you purpose, you may ask the assistance of a landscape company to ensure the strengh of this wall. If you are putting a quite heavy load on this one then you really should ask the help of the landscape company because they have the right materials and tools that you need in order for you to have a strong cantilever retaining walls for whatever material that you want it to hold.

3. The sheet pile retaining walls.

This is what you mostly see in road sides. It often uses a wood that is slightly burried vertically on the ground for it to have a stronghold and be able to withstand the force and pressure of the materials that it will hold. There are more materials used to strenghten this kind of retaining wall for it to really perform its purpose. The help of a landscape company is also in need if this is a big project that you are working on but you can just do it yourself if you just want a small barrier in your house that would prevent some lightweight materials from falling.

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