Waterfalls To Visit In Puerto Galera

For those who love exploring waterfalls, nobody can blame you because each waterfall presents a different type of adventure. If you want to visit different waterfalls in one tourist spot, you can check out Puerto Galera. It is ideal to go during the summer season to best enjoy the water while basking in the sun.

Here are 3 waterfalls you should put in your places to visit when going to Puerto Galera:

1) Aninuan Waterfalls

If it’s challenging for you to trek for at least 40 minutes, this falls is worth checking out because of its enormous size. The trail will start at Aninuan Bridge and it is best to ask a local to be your guide. You can personally ask them to lead you to White Beach on your way back so you can relax more after a long trek.

2) Tukuran Falls

Compared to the other falls, the trek here is easy and you don’t have to be an experienced mountain climber to visit the place. You just have to be in pretty good shape. Along the way, you’re going to get a pretty good view of the island so be sure to bring your camera for a little picture taking. You must try a waterfall massage as it will provide a different kind of relaxation.

3) Tamaraw Waterfalls

If you’ve seen pictures of Tamaraw Waterfalls, you know you have to see it to appreciate its beauty. It’s going to take at least 40 minutes to get there but it’s worth it. It’s also a good idea to buy barbeque and fresh coconut juice from the locals while enjoying the view.

Once you visited this falls, you would surely couldn’t have enough. The next thing you know is you want to settle here to be able to enjoy the place any time of the day.  Invest in beachfront luxury homes in the Philippines to appreciate the tropical life.  You’ll literally be living in paradise once you bought one.