Visit the Tropical Paradise

Where can you expect to get just the right amount of European elegance, a tropical, white sand beach resort paradise and the perfect amount of south pacific hospitality? Well, where else if not holiday new Caledonia?

Much closer to Australia compared to Fiji or Vanuatu, New Caledonia offers the best holiday experience for the whole family.

• A classic French twist

Why do you need the holiday packages New Caledonia? Well, this tropical paradise is endowed with natural beauty, has an amazing varied terrain and most of all, New Caledonia boasts of a multi-cultural society that is very friendly even to non-locals.

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Visit the most exotic group of islands

Did you know that New Caledonia is blessed with the oldest living flowering plant? Well, this is just one of the amazing things you are going to enjoy with our holiday new Caledonia. Forget about watching natural geographic, you can go see the largest lagoon in the whole wide world for yourself and take as many photos to come show your family and friends.

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We have great package deals for everyone so whether you are on a budget but want to have the time of your life or whether you want to splurge and enjoy the best New Caledonia can offer, we have something for you. There are many cozy guest houses and boutiques to choose from as well as opulent resorts where you can get the best pampering the world can offer.

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