5 Ways To Prepare For Your Removalists

While there are many unforeseen circumstances that could happen on your moving day, the earlier you plan, the less likely they are to occur. So, keep your home ready before the removalist arrives.

Start Early

A common mistake when moving is leaving the packing to the last minute. Ideally, you need to pack things and inform the removalist company weeks ahead before you let them come into your home. This is to ensure that the work won’t be rushed. The Jims Removals is always ready to help you if there is any problem. Find out more here.

Get the Kids Out of the House

If you have children and pets, the safest thing to do is to have them out in a room filled with boxes. Aside from the stress of having your little ones running out, they could also damage your items, moreover get hurt. Advise your neighbour and nearby family members to take care of them on the big day.

Dismantle Big Furniture

At least the night before the removalists arrive, dismantle your big furniture especially when the company you hire has per hour policy. If you can’t really do this, just inform them early so they can bring their equipment and manage their time.


Empty Your Fridge

To not waste your foods and create a mess, turn off your freezer and unpack the contents. There are many people that think they can leave their food in the freezer especially if it is just a quick drive. However, aside from food spoilage, it will only cause you more work as you need to clean your fridge to get rid of the smell. So, it is best to just get a cooler and put your foods inside.


Sort out all your clutter so the movers won’t spend time packing it. Aside from it can cost you, (for the fee and box) it will also cause you more work because you will sort them again after.